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Run the Jewels boasts hypnotic poise

THE GASLAMP KILLER AND RTJ GET TURNT The Fillmore was a booming, full-house on Feb. 11. The show featured opener The Gaslamp Killer and main act, Run the Jewels on their national tour for their new album, Run the Jewels 3. Comprising of the rap

Radiohead meets classical musical twist

AUDIENCES IN AWE DURING PERFORMANCE King Center hosts an array of Auraria Campus shows and Feb. 16 marked a new experience for classical enthusiasts. Evan Shelton and his fellow string players created a velvety dark atmosphere based around the likes of Radiohead and classical music,

Sentry Exclusive // Colorado-based rap-duo, The Reminders

Colorado-based rap-duo, The Reminders have long been heavy-weight participants in the local hip-hop scene and beyond. They consistently diffuse a societal message of inclusivity, community-building and purpose into their performance, and have found new ways to engage with audiences from very different walks of life.

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William Control, Palaye Royale at Marquis

NO BDSM HERE? William Control is the side project of William Frances, the frontman of the perhaps fondly remembered 2000s emo band Aiden. The all-American four piece are an electro-rock band, appropriating 80s synth pop with a dark and considerably “goth-ier” undertone. The group describes

Larimer Lounge hosts heat-seeking artists

A R I Z O N A  SURGES ON TOUR Larimer Lounge was hardly at capacity when an audience gathered for the night’s show featuring openers A R I Z O N A and main act Kevin Garrett on Garrett’s “False Hope” national tour. Coming

Bay Area swag breaks at Cervante’s

UNDERGROUND AND LOCAL ACTS SHINE Denver’s rap underground came together on a sleet-ridden Feb.1 to highlight up-and-coming talent. While the roads froze over outside, true Sage the Gemini fans couldn’t be dissuaded from showing up to throw down at  Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom. The opening acts

High energy sustains DNCE show

Smaller concert venues like Summit Music Hall are uncommon in that they allow the audience a level of intimacy with the band that a venue like the Pepsi Center or Red Rocks Amphitheatre do not allow for the same kind of live music experience. Smaller

Louisiana Electro-punk Outfit Gleams Lounge

ROYAL TEETH MOSHES FOR COMMITTED FANS Going to a live concert can be an incredible experience. Seeing an artist  perform their music onstage can give fans a new outlook on their craft. The best concerts are like having an epiphany, experiencing an art that gives

Colorado Gets Served A Glass of Whole Milk

Alternative rock music currently dominates the Denver music scene, with sold out concerts at alternative venues like the Ogden and Gothic. 2017 starts a turn of the year, but with it also brings a breath of fresh air in Denver. Local band, Whole Milk, is

BadBadNotGood Brings Lush Vibes to the Gothic

JAZZ VIBES AREN’T LEAVING ANY TIME SOON Lush sophistication are words that come to mind when thinking of the ways sounds and instruments effortlessly unite to create an aura of artistic personality and mastery. The guys from BadBadNotGood came together on Jan. 13, 2017 at