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A Positive Outlook on A Post-COVID World

Local photogs are hopeful of returning to the pit The words “in these uncertain times” are becoming more of a modern version of nails on a chalkboard than a soothing sentiment, but the fact that the future is uncertain for many people is not one

Different songs from different sides of TikTok

Are all of them bangers? There are many sides to TikTok. There is StraightTok, GayTok, ResinTok, POVTok, and even FrogTok, where people show off their cool amphibian friends. People from all walks of life gather around their phones in order to share with the world

From politics to personal experience with Declan McKenna

A look inside Declan McKenna’s ZerosA look inside Declan McKenna’s zeros Singer-songwriterDeclan McKenna is most well-known for his political outspokenness. Since his debut in 2015 with the single “Brazil,” McKenna has released several tracks pertaining to social issues around the world. Such as the song

Remembering Eddie Van Halen: A Rock Star Prodigy

A retrospective of the rock icon This has been a harsh year for many, and unfortunately this doesn’t exclude celebrity losses. On Oct. 6, the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away from cancer at 65 years old. Rock and metal music fans are shocked

Memorable main themes from video games

The perfect themes for setting the mood The main theme of a video game sets the mood for the narrative. Whether it is horror or action, the stylistic choices depict what players are going to encounter. The following are some of the most memorable main

Local artist molds her music career in Denver

A look inside the Battie world A home can sometimes be as transitory as a stage. For Sydnie Battie, this has certainly been the case. Born in Sarasota, Florida, Sydnie bounced around with her family, spending time in different cities across Florida, Las Vegas, and

Stop listening to music by abusers

It really isn’t that hard As of September, XXXTENTACION still has over 26 million -monthly listeners on Spotify, and several songs with over a billion streams. Chris Brown has over 34 million monthly listeners. Pop punk band Falling in Reverse, led by Ronnie Radke, has

Student spotlight: Nonessential Personnel

genre isn’t essential with this band of new students Nonessential Personnel is a group that has both ironically and certainly marked themselves as essential in the time of COVID-19. The band hails from California, however most of the members are now local, attending CU Denver.

People are still sinking their teeth into the Twilight Saga

A bloody good series of soundtracks  November of 2008 feels like a different planet compared to the reality of today. Barack Obama had just won the historic election, “Womanizer” from Britney Spears topped the music record charts, only those who read the books were aware

“We all live in a Yellow Submarine”

This Beatles classic still resonates Nothing captures the weird world of the 1960s quite like the film Yellow Submarine. With a vibrant psychedelic style and unforgettable characters, this musical journey led by The Beatles continues to inspire generations. Beyond the surrealism lies a story that