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Do judge an album by its cover

The saying is that you should never judge a book by its cover. That remains true for album covers because they’re not always an indicator of the music underneath; however, these few albums stood the test of time not only for possessing great music within

Somewhere in Neverland

I spent my last night in Wyoming before heading back to Denver looking through one of my family’s old rubbermaid tubs full of photos. The tub was full of anything from happy memories, sad memories, embarrassing memories, and everything in between. Some of the photos reminded

Tame Impala|”Lost in Yesterday”|Single Review

Tame Impala’s “Lost in Yesterday” lacks a clear melody and is surprisingly monotonous. Moving between the same five notes, Kevin Parker’s voice features the same watered down, dreamy sound present in all of the group’s songs. With a boring bass line and repetitive synthesizer, the

Selena Gomez|Rare|Album Review

Selena Gomez just released her third solo album on January 10 titled Rare. Her last album, Revival, came out five years ago and fans have patiently awaited her return to the music world. However, is this album truly what the fans deserve? A five-year hiatus


Releasing their first compilation album between members of Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Records, JACKBOYS, consists of members Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Octavian, Chase B, and Travis Scott himself present JACKBOYS. The seven track EP features other prolific artists in the rap business, such as Quavo,

Best places to cry on campus

Get the tissues ready It’s happened to everyone. An exam just doesn’t go to plan. A major assignment has been completely forgotten and now the overall class grade will tank. That one annoying guy who won’t stop talking about cars breaks the final thread of

Best “Florida Man” tales of the year

There’s a new hero in town From Superman to Batman, everyone has a favorite superhero. One, however, continually goes overlooked: the infamous “Florida Man.” Okay, Florida Man isn’t so much a superhero as a title given to any insane person in Florida who does something

Best celebrity crush: Keanu Reeves

An unproblematic king Keanu Reeves has been a heartthrob since his first hit movie, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. But as of 2019, he has gained popularity for not only maintaining his handsome features, such as his long black locks and genuine smile, but has

Three powerhouses on the up and up

Rising artists rock the industry As the turn of another decade approaches, it is astounding how much music is at the tap of a finger. It has never been easier for talent from all around the world to display their music. As the pool of