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Escalation in Syria prompts US response

WAR RIDDEN SYRIA EXPERIENCES, BACK TO BACK ATTACKS On April 4, Facebook timelines became flooded with images of injured Syrian civilians before social media outlets started filtering posts in response to the latest deadly attacks on Syria. As physically distant as these attacks may have

College Campus Sex-ed A Growing Concern

UNIVERSITIES ENCOURAGED TO TEACH STUDENTS It’s no secret that college students like to party, but excessive comes with a list of risks. One of which is potentially facing the consequences of a sexually transmitted infection (STI) if safe sex isn’t practiced. Society and mainstream media

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Revamped Study Space Ready To Welcome Students

AURARIA LIBRARY GETS A FACELIFT At the start of the fall semester students walked on campus and were met with construction at every turn— literally. Construction workers are remodeling the North Classroom, drilling into the concrete in front of the Plaza and P.E. Buildings, and

They’re Here, Queer, And Ready To Party

GSA HOST FUNDRAISING EVENT On Nov. 17, the CU Denver Genders and Sexualities Alliance hosted their annual Queer Lives event to celebrate LGBTQ+ students and raise awareness about suicide in the queer community. The event was organized by GSA President Lucian Salazar, Vice President Brandon

Giving Tuesday Comes Back For A Fifth Year

GIVE THE GIFT OF CHARITY THIS SEASON Tis the season for giving thanks, whether it be for food on the table or surviving such a tumultuous and emotionally draining election season. Christmas lights are going up and people are flooding shopping malls trying to find

Denver’s 39th Annual Film Festival

STARS GATHER FOR LOCAL FILM FEST The 39th Annual Denver Film Festival sponsored by Starz took place Nov. 3-12 in multiple venues throughout Denver. The festival highlighted the film industry’s best talents on a local and international level in addition to holding multiple panels and

College Campuses Mishandle Student Sexual Assault Cases

THIS ARTICLE IS COMPOSED OF SENSITIVE CONTENT Rape cases are handled differently around the country, especially when it comes to university and college settings. In September of this year, student Cecilia Carreras from the University of Richmond in Virginia reported being raped and assaulted by


PEOPLE WANT THEIR VOICES HEARD Many Americans felt disheartened, disappointed, and unsafe in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8 for the presidential election of the United States. Much of Trump’s campaign dialogue was cited as racist and hateful. Realizing

A Basic Guide To Light Rail Conduct

JUST BE COURTEOUS Most of our student population commutes to campus each day, and we all follow certain conventions when it comes to moving ourselves about. We hold the door open for the person behind us, respect traffic lights, and do our best to park

Lane 8 Digs To Engage & Detach From The Phone

Connected at the hip, hand, and now the wrist — tiny devices ping, buzz, and shake us into focusing on a screen the size of our palm instead of the expansive world around us. Cell phones persistently rival to rule our way of life, or,