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Latinx Heritage Month Honored at CU Denver

FOCUS ON CULTURE, LANGUAGE, AND IDENTITY Mid-September always marks the beginning of the ever-so-colorful celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. This month is dedicated to celebrating and learning about the several distinct cultures that make up the Hispanic and Latino community. This year at CU Denver,

Janitorial Rights Under Scrutiny

AHEC STAFF SEEKS AWARENESS, JUSTICE Recently, the custodial workers at Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC)  have been the recipients of intense discrimination, which seems to be racially oriented and extends into prejudice against non-English-speaking workers. The AHEC staff complained to their superiors well before the

Yang Wang

Dr. Yang Wang, a professor in the College of Arts and Media, is helping bring diversity to the art history program on campus. One of CU Denver’s newest professors, Wang has a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in

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Gem Sheps: Queerly Beloved

Thursday nights at Tracks night club are 18+ nights and the only time I’ll be able to go to the club until I turn 21 next year. Places like Tracks can be an oasis for people in the LGBTQ+ community—it can be difficult to meet

Changes to FAFSA Affect CU Denver Students

FEDERAL POLICIES MANDATE DECLARATION OF MAJOR Some students start college with a four-year plan, while others are figuring out where they belong. In the meantime, they continue to apply for financial aid and hope that each semester, there’s a bigger package. To receive financial aid,

Sonia Sotomayor Returns to Auraria Campus

SUPREME COURT JUSTICE INSPIRES STUDENTS “They hate it when I do this,” Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said before being guided by her visibly-anxious security team into the crowd of students and faculty from Metro State and CU Denver. This refusal to stay seated on

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GEM SHEPS: Queerly Beloved

After a weekend of vacationing in my terrible hometown, I’ve been looking forward to being back on our nice, progressive campus. My hometown of Woodland Park isn’t diverse—I knew about three out queer kids in high school out of a total of 700, and pretty

Counseling Centers Reaches Out to Students

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. In America, 42,773 people die by suicide each year. For every successful suicide there are 25 attempts. The average amount of suicides per day is 117. Sept. 5th through 10th is Suicide Prevention Week,

CU Mentors Strives to Make College Attainable

LYNX CREATES THE LINKS TO A PROSPEROUS FUTURE According to the New York Times, “President Obama and the Common Core Standards [have put] the ‘college and career ready’ mantra on the lips of K-12 educators across the country.” Deciding what college to attend is now

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Tatiana Cullen

ARCHITECTURE STUDENT PARTAKES IN ELITE PROJECT Master of Architecture student Tatiana Cullen has dreamt of becoming an architect for as long as she can remember. While reminiscing about her childhood, Cullen recounted how much she loved painting, drawing, sculpting, and art. She found inspiration in