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President Trump’s first month in office

EXECUTIVE ACTIONS DEFINE NEW ADMINISTRATION President Trump’s actions in the first weeks of his presidency have ignited controversy, condemnation, and political demonstrations worldwide. Before examining any of Trump’s executive actions, it’s important to point out that very few of the Executive Orders have had a

Auraria Campus emergency preparedness

WHAT TO DO IN THE EVENT OF A CAMPUS LOCKDOWN Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) aims to ensure that students, staff, and faculty on campus feel safe and prepared in the case of an emergency. In the heart of Denver, dangerous situations can arise out

Queerly Beloved // Gem Sheps

This Valentine’s Day is my first time celebrating while dating a girl, and it is wild. I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day because it’s always felt like yet another excuse for straight people to celebrate their undying love for each other. I

CU Personality // Andy Guerrero

“ROK” TEACHES STUDENTS HOW TO ROCK Upon first glance, you wouldn’t know that Andrew “Rok” Guerrero has attended several Grammy Award Shows, performed on CONAN, and has a platinum record—but he has. Music Business Professor and alumni Guerrero has had quite a bit of success

The KKK and Colorado: Stapleton’s origins

DENVER’S ROOT INTERTWINED WITH KU KLUX KLAN Colorado has an ostensibly docile history; usually just thought of as part of the “wild west,” there has not been extensive discussion on the darker background of the state. Over the past few years, as more history and

Obamacare under threat of repeal by Trump

THE DEATH OF AN IDEAL BUT FAR-FETCHED DREAM According to the Trump Administration’s First 100-day plan, the Affordable Care Act is on its way out of the nation’s legislature. The difficulty that former President Obama had passing his attempt at health care reform  seemed to

Queerly Beloved

Diets are garbage. I’ve always hated the idea of dieting. Though I understand why people moderate what and when they eat, I’ve never felt the need to, so I hate being told that I don’t have a choice in the matter. Part of being chronically

CU Personality // Dora Frias

Mentoring college students has been Latin@ Student Services (LSS) Director Dora Frias’ passion since the start of her career. Frias’ involvement in student services began in her undergraduate career at Texas A&M University. During her time there she started working in student mentoring and leadership

University A-Line faces possible suspension

TRAIN CONDUCTION PLAGUED WITH PROBLEMS In April of 2016 the University of Colorado A-Line joined Denver’s growing collection of public transportation lines, but complaints about the functionality of the train keep rolling in with no answers in the horizon from RTD. The A-Line train stretches

Russian hackers trump US cyber-security

US INTELLIGENCE LOOKS INTO HACKING CLAIMS On Jan. 1, news broke that Russia had allegedly hacked and guided the 2016 US presidential election. Democratic and Republican nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaigns were followed worldwide by anxious audiences. While all eyes were trained on