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Campus Gun Policy Under Debate

CONCEALED CARRY ACT SPLITS STUDENTS The topic of Auraria Campus’ concealed carry gun policy was a primary conversation at February’s CU Regent debate. All regent potentials, as well as current Regent and Denver District Attorney hopeful Michael Carrigan, said they would like to see the

COFFEE PLEASE: The Attack in Brussels

Within the past few weeks there have been eight bombings across Europe and the Middle East. One of the latest cities to be under attack was Brussels, Belgium. The Brussels metro station and airport were bombed leaving 35 people killed and dozens more with injuries.

COFFEE PLEASE: It’s Time for a Break

Spring Break is next week, and I could not be more ready for a week-long vacation. The typical Spring Break for college students is to find a beach somewhere and drink all the stress away. I have never had that experience, but I will find

Student Housing Options on Campus

STUDENTS CAN LIVE IN THREE DIFFERENT HOUSING UNITS Auraria Campus has been known as the commuter school of Denver, but that has changed with the addition of student housing and with each university encouraging more students to live on campus. CU Denver students can chose

Lynx-A-Thon Coming to CU Denver

SIX HOUR DANCE MARATHON FUNDRAISER Over the course of the past three years, the Lynx-A-Thon has seen many changes from the changing of the location of the event, to which organization this dance marathon benefits. In this is six-hour event, every participant is encouraged to

Johnnie Nguyen

CU DENVER STUDENT AND POLITICAL ACTIVIST It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say CU Denver sophomore Johnnie Nguyen is one of the busiest students on Auraria Campus. He’s juggling extensive volunteer work, political internships, and schoolwork. Part of his determination may be from a personal

COFFEE PLEASE: Photographing Dementia

For the photography class I am taking, our next project is designed to tell a story. We have to take several images and choose a handful to tell a sequential story. I’m choosing to tell the story of Dementia. My grandpa was diagnosed with Dementia

More Students Active in IEC Program

STUDENTS LEARN ABOUT CULTURES WITH CERTIFICATE A simple idea to get students more involved with other cultures has successfully evolved into the the Intercultural Engagement Certificate, which was created for students, by students. In order to earn the certificate, a student must attend five cultural

Feed the Need Annual Food Drive

FUNDRAISER FOR CU DENVER FOOD PANTRY When students are constantly on the move to attend lectures, events, meetings for clubs and organizations, arrive for their shifts at their part time job, or get home to attend to their families, finding the time and the money

Prateek Bhadsavle

BHADSAVLE ENJOYS TEACHING AND TRAVEL As soon as the Sentry walked in, the first thing Business Statistics Lecturer and Graduate student Prateek Bhadsavle did was offer sweets that he brought from the Middle East, from one of the 33 countries he’s travelled to. Hospitality, he