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CU Personality: Amy Hasinoff

SEXTING FROM ACADEMIC POINT OF VIEW When Amy Hasinoff was writing her doctoral dissertation in 2008, sending explicit messages was on the rise and newly labeled as “sexting.” That movement alone prompted Hasinoff to change her dissertation. She became fascinated with the panic surrounding sexting,

The Great Barrier Reef is Rapidly Dying

DROP THE SUSHI: OVERFISHING CAUSING DEATH OF THE REEFS In October, the world was shocked by several news media headlines that read, “Great Barrier Reef Pronounced Dead.” The Great Barrier Reef (GBR), a naturally occurring ecosystem along the entire Queensland, AU coastline, is considered one

A2ru Conference Returns To CU Denver

ARTREPRENEURS REWRITE THE CREATIVE PROCESS CU Denver hosted the fourth-annual national conference for the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities, commonly referred to as a2ru. Spanning three full days during the first week of November, a2ru aimed to foster and champion the arts in

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Queerly Beloved: Gem Sheps

This column will reach a changed America. I am writing this just moments after voting in my first presidential election. It was painful, both literally and physically; I had to stand in line for 30 minutes, which is not easy for someone with chronic pain

America Ferrera Hits Auraria Campus

LATINA ACTRESS URGES STUDENTS TO VOTE Actress and political activist America Ferrera stopped by Auraria Campus on Oct. 26th to encourage students to vote in the 2016 presidential election. Ferrera founded the organization “Voto Latino,” which educates members of the Latin@ community on voting and democracy.

Where Colorado Stands On National Stage

THE MOVE FROM RED TO BLUE Though mainstream media continues to tout Colorado as a political battleground during national elections, its time as a definitional swing state began and ended with the Obama Administration. Colorado’s electoral votes have gone to Republican presidential candidates in seven

Boulder’s False Alarms Raise Alarm in CU Students

STUDENT SAFETY SHOULD BE TOP PRIORITY FOR UNIVERSITIES University campuses are notoriously becoming more and more susceptible to random acts of violence. With this growing concern in mind, universities can and should do everything in their power to keep their students and faculty safe—something that

Denver Joins Celebrations of Indigenous People’s Day

NATION ON THE WAY TO DUMPING COLUMBUS DAY The treatment of minorities in the US has been a disgrace since the country’s inception, but the treatment of the once-majority ethnic-group of this nation stoops even lower. The indigenous Native American populations have essentially been wiped

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Queerly Beloved: Gem Sheps

The end of October is just a few days away, and with it comes the end of LGBTQ+ history month. What better way to celebrate than with a gay Halloween weekend? The first night of Tracks Halloween starts this Thursday, Oct. 27, and if it’s

CU Personality: Linda Alcott

FRENCH PROFESSOR HIGHLIGHTS FANTASTIQUE HAITIAN AUTHORS Linda Alcott, an associate professor at CU Denver, was interested in French long before she started teaching it. “French goes way back for me,” she told the Sentry. “I grew up in the South, and my family had a