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CROWN Act Introduced to Colorado Legislature

Aims to eliminate discrimination based on hair  In the transition from education to the workforce, most people begin to worry about looking “professional.” While for some that may just mean wearing a suit, others must worry about their most natural characteristics, such as hair. Up

Keep America Great Rally in Colorado Springs

On Thursday, February 20, President Donald Trump paid a visit to Colorado for his 2020 presidential campaign. Alongside President Trump at the rally was Vice President Mike Pence and Colorado Senator Cory Gardner. The event quickly reached capacity, with some supporters camping out in front


Feelings of failing Last week, I took the practice LSAT for the very first time. The resource I’m using to study projected me to get a 152 on this first go. (LSAT crash course: scores range from 120 to 180 with the average being a

Proposed Bill to Create Mental Health Insurance Coverage

Bill would do more than just insure mental health care Mental health is not an item on the checklist when people go to their annual doctor visits. The stigma around health where symptoms cannot be physically seen can discourage patients from seeking help from physicians.

Iowa Caucus inspires questions on technology in politics

Colorado’s vote counting process for presidential primaries On February 3, both Democrat and Republican voters in Iowa gathered to cast their votes and choose delegates. In a caucus, voters convene in public spaces, then vote for their own individual candidates before those votes are translated

Senator Cory Gardner votes to acquit Trump

President Trump visited Colorado on February 20, 2020. In early February 2020, the conclusion of the senate impeachment trial against Donald Trump resulted in the president’s acquittal from all charges, abuse of power, and obstruction of congress. All 47 senate Democrats and only one Republican,

Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place

  Coming clean My husband and I had a conversation in which I released a burden I didn’t even know I carried. Since I told him then, I need to get something off my chest to you, my dear reader. Here it goes: I don’t

Shawn “Boz” Bosley lives a life that inspires

Turning adversity into a success story When Shawn “Boz”  Bosley walks into a room, his presence comes with an affable warmth. Most of the time people already know him (indicated by the number of smiles and greetings lighting up the room)—and they know him as

Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place

My list of lists Recently, I got an email from Chegg with the subject line, “If you don’t procrastinate, are you really a college student?” I think I just stood there and stared for a second. I wouldn’t call myself a procrastinator, but I’d definitely

Coronavirus: “Do Americans even care?”

International cases continue to spread The international community as a whole has been forced to face the coronavirus emergency as cases worldwide have multiplied, the death toll rising. Even with the issue garnering international attention, Americans don’t seem terribly concerned, a sentiment that led a