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CVA Has Business Partnership with CVA

CU DENVER DOES NOT CURRENTLY OWN CVA Since the establishment of Campus Village at Auraria, CU Denver has been instrumental in bringing campus housing to students. Recently, there are have been rumors floating around campus that CU Denver has officially purchased CVA. This is not

Aisha Mohamed

MOHAMED STRIVES FOR FOR DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION International Studies major and Pre-Law minor Aisha Mohamed is striving to educate others on the negative stereotypes of Islam, though her work with student organizations and volunteer work. From serving as President of the Muslim Student Association, to

Robert Fikes IV

FIKES RISKED FINANCIAL SECURITY FOR DREAM JOB After transferring schools and deciding to chase his dreams, Robert Fikes is now a junior flourishing at CU Denver. “I went to San Diego State University and I majored in Computer Science for about two years,” Fikes said.

2016 Campus Election Referendums

STUDENTS CAN VOTE ONLINE FOR REFERENDUMS CU Denver Student Government Elections are during the same week as the referendum elections run by the university as well as Auraria Higher Education Center. This year there are a few referendums up for student votes. Students will receive

CU Denver Literary Journal Awarded

COPPER NICKEL WON BEST SHORT STORY AND POETRY The accomplishments of two writers, Lisa Ko and Mark Holiday, were recognized through their creative work done with Copper Nickel, CU Denver’s literary journal. Writers from all across the country can submit pieces to CU Denver’s literary

COFFEE PLEASE: Support the Sentry

This week the CU Denver Sentry is up for a referendum vote. I wanted to take this week’s column to express how working at this paper has changed my life and defined my college career. I started on this paper as a staff writer in

Jack Kroll

CU DENVER ALUMNI RUNS FOR CU REGENT A CU Denver alumnus John ‘Jack’ Kroll has gone from being an active student on campus to a CU Regent candidate. Kroll attended CU Denver from 2006– 2011 where he majored in Economics and English Literature and minored

SGA Executive Ticket Nomination

ANNUAL SGA ELECTIONS FOR PRESIDENT Student Government Association’s constitution requires senators to run for re-election every spring. Students vote online for who they want to see on SGA for the following school year. This includes senators that want to run for president and vice president

12th Annual Latin@ Leadership Summit

CONFERENCE HELD ON ACTIVIST CESAR CHAVEZ’S BIRTHDAY This year’s Latin@Leadership Summit was an event hosting speakers Margarita Machado-Casas and community arts organization Barrio E. It also organized round-table discussions, offered vast scholarship opportunities, and catered food to inspire students across all three institutions of Auraria.

COFFEE PLEASE: Paying for the Experience

To no avail, I have been trying to find an internship for this summer. At first, I thought I could do it all on my own, but that lead to only finding dead ends. I went to a workshop through the Experiential Learning Center to