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Queerly Beloved: Gem Sheps

LGBTQ + History Month events continued this week with the celebration of National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11. Coming out as queer can be incredibly unnerving; it’s almost impossible to tell how family and friends will react, and the repercussions of coming out can

Students At Auraria Find Their Dream Jobs

CU DENVER A HUB FOR STUDENT WORKERS With more than 14,000 students on campus, CU Denver offers an array of jobs that help students gain experience in their line of work. It’s easy for students to find a good fit. Working on campus comes with

North Classroom Undergoes Renovations

CONSTRUCTION ON CU DENVER BUILDING The North Classroom on Auraria Campus has been under construction for the past few months. The $33 million renovation will continue at least through Fall 2017 and possibly even until Spring 2018. The Sentry spoke with Cary Weatherford, the Associate

Mass Incarcaration Under Scrutiny of Art, Activism

THE ETHICS OF IMPRISONING MINORS Five-hundred thousand juveniles are forced into the Juvenile Corrections System each year. Half a million children under the age of 18 face judgement every day for crimes violent and non-violent alike. Sept. 2 launched the Juvenile Corrections exhibit at the

Dachshunds, Polka Alongside Beer At Oktoberfest

LONG DOG DERBY ACCOMPANIES WEINERSHINITZELS The aromas of fresh weinershinitzel, greasy two-pound turkey legs, and the unlimited beer have brought people together with the one thing that matters the most: celebrating good times alongside great company. The Denver Oktoberfest is back for its 47th year,

Still Corners Takes Deep Dive at Lost Lake

DREAMY SYNTH POP MEETS TWIN PEAKS The London-based synthpop group Still Corners has embarked on their “Dead Blue” tour to promote their newest album Dead Blue which was released on Sept. 16. With a stop at Denver’s Lost Lake Lounge on Oct. 1, the group

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Queerly Beloved: Gem Sheps

The month of October is upon us, which means we can now look forward to pumpkins, scary movies, and LGBTQ+ pride. October is national LGBTQ+ History Month in America, created to bring awareness to LGBTQ+ people and our achievements. To kickoff the month’s celebrations, I’m

CU Denver Students Live In Diverse Circumstances

‘ADULTING’ COMES IN MANY FORMS FOR STUDENTS CU Denver, Colorado’s prime example of an urban campus, is located in the heart of the Mile High City. The campus offers students views of high rises and easy access to restaurants and nightlife: the city is beautiful

Student Talent Agency Bridges Professional Gap

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS FACE THE GIG ECONOMY Students in the College of Arts and Media (CAM) have faced the prospect of graduating without traditional full-time employment since they first considered majoring in the arts. However, CU Denver’s new Student Talent Agency’s ambition is to encourage arts

Nadeen Ibrahim

PUBLIC HEALTH STUDENT TAKES ON SOCIAL JUSTICE Public Health Pre-Medicine major Nadeen Ibrahim is an all around working-class person, known by peers and strangers alike for her persistance in promoting equality. And she hasn’t even graduated yet. One look at her calendar might cause a