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COFFEE PLEASE: Unaffiliated Voters

Tuesday was Super Tuesday and, like all registered unaffiliated voters, I was not allowed to participate. To vote in a caucus, a person must be registered Republican or Democrat, and they then vote for the person who they would like to see as the final

First Debate for Future CU Regents

REGENTS DEBATE FOR ELECTION BALLOT IN 2016 Candidates vying for the first Congressional District seat on the CU Board of Regents met on the CU Denver campus Feb. 16 to debate issues raised by students. Regent hopefuls Jack Kroll, Zach Rothmier, and Lucky Vidmar took

Clinton Campaign Stops in Denver

CAFECITO WITH CHELSEA CLINTON AND AMERICA FERRERA What began 25 years ago as a social gathering for Latina women in Denver to support one another in professional and social endeavours is now a nationally recognized cafecito bringing in some of the most influential women from

Candice Shelby

SHELBY SEEKS TO UNDERSTAND ADDICTION As soon as the Sentry arrived in Associate Professor of Philosophy Candice Shelby’s office, Shelby eased into her chair and talked about her recent trip to Washington D.C. where she and few students went to compete in an Ethics Bowl

Rachel Harding

Ethnic Studies Professor Rachel Harding is a civil rights activist on campus

COFFEE PLEASE: Two Words-Donald Trump

I’ve been trying hard to not write every column about Donald Trump, but I feel now is the appropriate time to bring up the subject. I thought this whole Trump mishap was going to just be a few months of memes and laughter, but it

COFFEE PLEASE: Valentine’s Day

This past Sunday was Valentine’s Day and like most people in a relationship, I celebrated with my sweet pea. We wanted to keep it simple this year and not go over the top with Valentine’s festivities. We decided to take a little road trip to