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Embracing Ineptitude Jon Gruden is a genius. Yes, the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, the biggest dumpster fire in professional sports, is a genius.    No, I haven’t lost my mind—maybe I have, but bear with me.  Gruden has committed himself to the absolute

Denver unveils new on-demand public transit

An attempt to tackle parking congestion and traffic The City of Denver launched a new on-demand public transit campaign on Oct. 26 in order to ease traffic and parking congestion in the Cherry Creek, Capitol Hill, and Civic Center neighborhoods. Riders can access the 14-rider

CU Denver diversifies mental health services on campus

New mental health hotline for CU Denver Employees CU Denver launched the Real Help Hotline in July, a free service to all CU employees, designed to provide a helping hand for use during times of stress, crisis, and financial counseling.    The hotline provides many

CityCenter connects campus to Denver business

CU Denver establishes itself as Denver’s research institute CU Denver’s CityCenter opened on Oct. 10 in an attempt to further establish the “CU in the City” vision by building connections with local governments, businesses, and non-profits.  Before it opened as the front door to the

Proposed Cory Gardner bill addresses student debt

More politicians likely to address issue to appeal to young voters Colorado Republican Sen.Cory Gardner introduced the Student Loan Repayment Acceleration Act in October 2018, which would allow employers to make tax-free contributions of up to $10,000 each year toward their employees’ student loans. The


Another Lost Season Bad teams find ways to lose games.  The Broncos have kept it close against three division leaders, only losing by an av erage of four points in games against the Rams, Chiefs, and Texans. But make no mistake about it: The Broncos

Denver Lab awarded grant from NIH

Study targets opioid addiction and pain treatments In July 2017, Dr. Amy Wachholtz (Ph.D., M.Div., M.S.), an assistant psychology professor at CU Denver, and her team at the Comorbid Opioid Addiction and Pain Lab (COAP) were awarded a $700,000 grant from the National Institute of

Who are the CU Regents and what do they do?

Regents hold coin purse for CU campuses The CU Regents are responsible for the general supervision and management of appropriations and funds for all CU campuses, which include over 60,000 students. The Board of Regents is currently responsible for a $4.5 billion budget. “We’re like a

Registration difficulties could discourage potential voters

Registration difficulties could discourage potential voters As reported by The Associated Press earlier this month, 53,000 voter registrations were put on hold in Georgia, unbeknownst to many of these potential voters.   This incident added further tension to the state governor’s race. Democratic nominee Stacy Abrams, who’s been an advocate


Spineless Let’s take a break from sports for a moment following a horrific week for the nation, perpetuated by the very worst of American politics.  Every presidential administration has a few moments where the president has an opportunity to bring the nation together in times