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Native American Indian Heritage Month at CU Denver

IDENTITY BECOMES GROWING ISSUE AMONG COMMUNITY The exposure most people receive about Native American Indian culture or media presence is limited to the occasional political protest, such as DAPL (the infamous Dakota Access Pipeline that violated tribal lands in favor of oil companies) or a

Nirvana Polonyi is the model student

FROM PUBLICATIONS TO THE CLASSROOM CU Denver student Nirvana Polonyi, who is occupied by school and work, may seem like she is like the rest of the student body. However, Polonyi is a part time model, and has been featured in online and print publications

Weinstein case begins national conversation

SEXUAL ASSAULT ALLEGATIONS PLAGUE HOLLYWOOD The recent scandal regarding Harvey Weinstein has sparked critical conversations regarding cases of rape and sexual assault. Weinstein, American film producer and former studio executive, has been fired by his company and expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts

Stranger than Fiction | Matt Kriese

In a world seemingly cursed by the darkest news imaginable, silver linings seem to shine brighter than ever. After the past few weeks, especially with rising gun-related deaths domestically, more concentrated conflict in territories previously dominated by the Islamic State, and sexual harassment scandals, finding

From the eyes of the monster

CU DENVER STUDENT PLAYS TERRIFYING ROLE Thirteenth Floor is a very popular haunted house attraction that opens every year the weekend before October. They actually have a brand-new building, with a brand-new set up, and brand-new scares. With animatronics, puppets, and real-life actors, this place

Gun control in the US

POLICIES SURROUNDING GUNS UNLIKELY TO CHANGE After the largest mass shooting took place in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, gun control, and lack thereof, has come back as a major topic of discussion. People are worried, more and more are Americans venting their frustrations over

Federal funding impacts teenage pregnancy

CONCERN RISE ON STATE AND FEDERAL LEVELS Although the rate of teenage pregnancy has decreased on a national level with the implementation of various sexual education programs, recent changes in federal funding have put young demographics at risk of experiencing high rates of teenage pregnancy

Stranger than Fiction | Matt Kriese

In my experience working alongside people of all backgrounds, sexual identities, and places on the gender spectrum, I have learned to grow and be shaped by the ways in which individuals express themselves. From these friendships, I have heard frankly horrific tales of abuse and

CU Denver offers vaccines to students

FLU SEASON HAS ARRIVED Nothing dictates that summer is over and fall has begun like the start of flu season. With the commencement of flu season, vaccinations are now available at every corner. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu peaks between

Groundwater becoming heightened risk

WATER THE CHANCES STUDENTS ARE AT RISK? Every year, the Environmental Protection Agency publishes a list of sites across the United States that need contamination control. These are called “Superfund” sites. Most of these sites are former industrial complexes that have been abandoned. There are