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Fighting period poverty in prisons and on campus

Campus initiative mirrors Colorado House Bill Through pop culture artifacts like Orange is the New Black and Oscar-winning film Period. End of Sentence, discussions about menstruation under difficult circumstances have entered into the political foreground. Having a period in a place without proper resources, such

CU Denver 2019 Student Government Association election

Current SGA President Matthew Kriese offers parting advice The SGA election is upon CU Denver students. As the current members bring their term to a close, they part some advice and welcome this year’s candidates. The ballot is comprised of CU Denver candidates who were

“Black Klansman” Ron Stallworth visits CU Denver

Stallworth encourages students to be agents of change From becoming the first black police officer in the Colorado Springs Police Department to infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan and now being the subject of an award-winning film, Ron Stallworth has lived a life worth talking about.

Trump signs executive order defending free speech on campus

Trump addresses concerns on US campuses On March 21, the Trump Administration signed an executive order aimed at protecting free speech on college campuses across the country. Specifically, the executive order seeks to make the amount of funding and support available to American universities contingent

Another Brick in the Wall

Crazy Uncle Joe I had trouble thinking of what to write about for the April Fools’ issue since political news is becoming increasingly indistinguishable from satire. I tried to think of news that’s at least funny to write about. Joe Biden sniffing women’s hair isn’t exactly

The world ended in 2012, and this is the bad place

Welcome! Everything is fine! Turns out the Mayans were right. Their prediction that the world was scheduled to end on Dec. 21, 2012 came true. The solar system did align with a black hole at the center of the galaxy, causing the Earth to be

Christ returns for the Second Coming. In Portland.

Christ seen sampling IPAs Last week, on the Spring Solstice in the year of our lord 2019, exclusive inside sources reported that our lord, savior and Messiah, Jesus Christ, has returned to the Earth for the long-awaited Second Coming. The soles of His holy feet

Another brick in the wall

Touchy-Feely Politics Democrats apparently can’t agree if sniffing someone’s hair is creepy. Former candidate for Nevada Lt. Governor, Lucy Flores, claimed in a piece for The Cut that at a political rally she attended with Joe Biden in 2014, the former Vice President approached her

Campus squirrels under fire for student harassment

Squirrels insist they need to use campus facilities too In recent months, the Auraria Police Department has been receiving an excess amount of phone calls regarding students being harassed by the squirrels present on campus. Students claim they often fear for their safety walking between

PETA outraged over use of dinosaurs in Jurassic World

Spielberg issues response People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has taken to Twitter, yet again, in an outrage that is now directed toward the creators of the Jurassic World franchise. “To exploit these poor defenseless dinos in such a violent and abusive manner