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Another brick in the wall

Northam’s Demise On Feb. 1, an old photo from Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook page resurfaced, displaying one man in KKK robes and another man in blackface. It was not immediately clear which man in the photo was Northam, though Northam’s claim the

MURP students finalists for $50,000 grant

The two envision a future of safer school zones In 2008, George Washington High School student Amelia Bates left campus to get a snack during her lunch break. While crossing the street in a school zone, she was struck by a speeding car and killed.

Supreme Court advances military ban

Transgender soldiers soon to be turned away As of Jan. 22, the Supreme Court has moved forward with President Trump’s ban on transgender troops serving in the military—voting 5–4 to lift injunctions standing in the way of the ban. This decision has left military personnel

Denver activists work to decriminalize mushrooms

Initiative could appear on May election ballot Denver has recently been making national headlines with the new effort to decriminalize a particular type of “magic mushroom” or the psilocybin mushroom. The Psilocybin Initiative is currently the effort of activists of Decriminalize Denver, whose adage is

Auraria Police Department K9 Dash retires

Say hello to Auraria’s new explosives dog, Jet If the lack of a certain golden retriever has been noticed on campus, that’s because Dash, the Auraria Campus Police Department’s explosive detection K9, has officially retired. To fill the hole that Dash’s departure has left in

Another brick in the wall

Elections and fundraising Before starting graduate school, I used to do fundraising on political campaigns. A major part of political fundraising is “call time,” which is when candidates spend hours calling through a giant list of potential donors to ask for a campaign contribution. Most

Trump’s pledge for the wall

Shutdown puts pressure on immigrant communities After the longest government shutdown in American history, the effects have been felt across the whole country. The entire nation is still riddled with uncertainty of the future, a sentiment felt strongly by the immigrant community. On Jan. 10,

Governor Jared Polis’ State of the State Address

Polis’ plans for the future Jared Polis, the first openly gay governor of Colorado, gave his first State of the State Address on Jan. 10. In the address, Polis’ first proposal was his plan for free all-day kindergarten as an opportunity to put education first.

Another brick in the wall

Faith in Democracy According to an Axios poll released shortly before the 2018 midterm elections, only half of Americans report that they have faith in U.S. democracy. It’s possible that some Americans mostly feel disillusioned with the U.S. political system because of the election of

Denver holds third Womxn’s March

This year’s theme embraced inclusivity and intersectionality It has been two years since the first Women’s March on Jan. 21, 2017, which was organized in part to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump, who has a history of making controversial statements about women and