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HyperLynx does it on their own

New club embraces being an underdog The future is here, the future is now, and the future is “HyperLynx.” “We were originally a senior mechanical design project two years ago,” Wencil Stanek, the team leader, said. “Now, we’re just a club that’s open to CU

Grants encourage students to pursue education

Granting education to all Attending college is an expensive endeavor for most students. With the cost of higher education increasing by an average rate of five percent over the past decade, according to The College Board, it is understandable how rising college costs may create

Phoenix Center responds to “Me Too”

Center’s resources useful commodity Fall 2017 was the beginning of the “Me Too” movement focusing on raising awareness to sexual harassment and assault. The public saw celebrities release their stories of the corrupt industry as well as friends and family break the silence and describe

Photo credit: Kalob McConnell • CU Denver Sentry

Opioids are the silent killer at universities

Ways to stop the opioid epidemic The opioid epidemic is the leading cause of accidental deaths across the United States. Whether it is being smuggled into the US or handed out like candy at clinics, opiates are becoming one of the worst drug crises in

Stranger Than Fiction

  One of the most pressing student concerns on this campus has to do with safety. This isn’t safety in the way students at more traditional schools talk about their personal wellbeing. While conversations around alcohol abuse and sexual assault dominate the conversations of these

Auraria Student Lofts raises prices of internet

Students weary of slow speeds Recently, the Auraria Student Lofts raised its internet prices. Because of this increase, many students living there are expressing concerns to managing staff. The Auraria Student Lofts’ internet was free until the Nelson Brothers, which is the new wifi management,

Women’s March moves in new direction

Organizers focus on diversity Last year, over 100,000 demonstrators bottlenecked the streets surrounding Civic Center Park to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The Women’s March was a mobilization of anger, a response to an election that many protesters believed would compromise the United

Stranger Than Fiction

  Last week, after going over my most recent column about what the purpose of American government should be with a close associate of mine, I decided to make an attempt at answering this question. At the end of that column, I stated that, “philosophy

Sessions’ new marijuana policy

Bipartisan opposition to New Rules On Jan. 4, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama-era policy that kept legal marijuana sellers from being arrested by federal authorities if states chose to legalize. This decision came days after California’s new recreational legalization law went into effect.

A world without internet

FCC votes to repeal net neutrality The internet has been ingrained into the daily lives of students for quite some time now, so it is no surprise that a world without the internet would be a world difficult to function in. Recently, a lot of