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Lynx Crossing’s Plan for the Fall Semester

Campus housing promotes safety Dorm living is a cornerstone of the college experience. From bonding with roommates to grabbing a late-night snack from the dining hall, living on campus offers students the opportunity to meet their peers and expand their independence. In 2020, however, living

City Struggles to Find Space for Sanctioned Homeless Camps

Neighborhoods & activists work together to find solution As Denver’s homeless population grows, the need for locations to camp becomes more of a necessity. However, locations within the city are already scarce.  As described on Colorado Village Collaborative’s website, “These Safe Outdoor Spaces will be

CU Denver’s most unique semester

University enforces new safety measures to prevent COVID-19 infection COVID-19 has taken what almost everyone, to some degree, was used to and has turned it upside down. Schools and colleges have become one of the most affected areas, as faculty, students, and staff work to

Brett Lagerblade discusses club sports at CU Denver

CU Denver offers extracurricular activities for every student College can be tough, especially for freshmen coming in right after high school. Luckily, there are many activities that will help release the stress one may come across when on campus. Besides the usual binging of TV

Mental health resources for students

counseling resources on campus and beyond The college transition can be admittedly daunting. Even for those who are eager and excited, it presents a fresh set of challenges, academic stress, the pressure of getting out and making friends, or the overwhelming financial responsibilities stacking up,

Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place

Lost in the Woods If I sat down to talk to freshman year Amanda, I don’t know what I’d tell her. You’re going to change your major twice, change one of them to your minor, get a dream internship and love it, then decide to

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Black death: COVID-19 and African Americans

Coronavirus disproportionately impacting communities of color  As with previous natural disasters in the United States, African Americans and other people in minority groups face the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. African Americans continue to experience widespread discrimination through the economy and healthcare system, leading to higher rates

Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place

The meaning of it all I’m actually impressed that I went a whole semester with nobody asking me, “Why did you name your column that?” I was asked about what I’d name it in general terms, and when I said “Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place,” I

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Media collective aims to strengthen collaboration in local media

COLab organizing projects to bring greater access to information for both journalists and citizens  As with many careers right now, the journalism field is struggling under the weight of impending global crisis. Just when local media is more important than ever, many journalists and media outlets

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Unemployment in Colorado

State claimants will start seeing stimulated unemployment payments this week 26 million people have lost their jobs in the last five weeks nationwide according to National Public Radio. Four million more have applied for unemployment the week of April 20. Zarroli said, “In the country