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Wellness Center opening this semester

New developments to get excited for The newest building on CU Denver’s campus is cementing and plastering its final features. Scheduled to open in May of this year, the Lola and Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center will undoubtedly be one of the most favored places

Oregon against baker in landmark LGBTQ case

Case explores discrimination vs. First Amendment On Dec. 28, the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled against two Christian bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. The owners of Sweet Cakes bakery, Aaron and Melissa Klein, argued that making the cake,

Batterygate drains Apple of trust

Company faces backlash after slowing down phones Apple is the largest technology company in the world and was the ninth largest company in recorded history at the end of 2017, but even giants fall. Despite its popularity, there have always been rumors and conspiracy theories

Tuition remains looming threat

POLICIES SURROUNDING TUITION UNLIKELY TO CHANGE Every school year, many students across campus will do a double take upon glancing at their tuition bills and wonder, “Why doesn’t the tuition rate stay the same?” Indeed, the tuition rate changes due to economic factors outside of

Anti-Trump rally centers on absurdist approach

CITIZENS GATHER TO COLLECTIVELY SCREAM AT SKY There was a very strange yet intriguing event that took place at Cheesman Park in Denver on Nov. 8. Hundreds of people gathered to scream at the sky. Literally, scream at the top of their lungs at the

Local shooting makes mark on campus

AHEC EMPLOYEE LOSES LIFE  He worked for the Auraria campus for almost 20 years. Everyone Moreno worked with loved him and everyone is trying to continue working as normal, even though they lost someone close to them. He was a loved member of the community

Colorado’s Director of Transportation steps down

HOW WILL THIS AFFECT COMMUTER STUDENTS? Shailen P. Bhatt, the Executive Director of Colorado’s Department of Transportation has decided to step down from his position to lead a transportation advocacy organization in his new role as president and CEO of the Intelligent Transportation Society of

Dual enrollment chases after superior education

Recent Updates in dual enrollment Dual enrollment, also known as concurrent enrollment, has provided students with opportunities to further their education through the addition of more credits. Dual enrollment allows students to enroll at separate academic institutions with multiple course-loads and classes at each. Although

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Professor returns to CU Denver with novel

Emily Ruskovich reads from Idaho Upon the release of her LA Times bestselling novel, Idaho, Emily Ruskovich was hired onto Boise State University’s Master of Fine Arts faculty—but she wrote and published the book while teaching creative writing at CU Denver. Last month, Ruskovich returned

Federal funding impacts teenage pregnancy

CONCERN RISE ON STATE AND FEDERAL LEVELS Although the rate of teenage pregnancy has decreased on a national level with the implementation of various sexual education programs, recent changes in federal funding have put young demographics at risk of experiencing high rates of teenage pregnancy