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Will Five Points become the next 5Pointz?

Artwork destroyed by housing developers Graffiti artists in New York were awarded 6.75 million dollars in damages for the destruction of 45 works of art. Graffiti artists covered the exterior of several buildings owned by Gerald Wolkoff with colorful graffiti art. In 2013, Wolkoff announced

Violent threats overwhelm Jefferson County

In response, Auraria Campus Police ensure safety The effects of Parkland, Fla. have slipped into the school experience in Jefferson County. Numerous threats have been sent to local high schools, leaving families fearing for their students’ safety. On Feb. 20, a student at Bear Creek

Department of Education fails LGBTQ+ community

New position will not overpower CU On Monday, Feb. 12, the US Department of Education confirmed that they would no longer be investigating or taking action on any complaints filed by transgender students who have been banned from using restrooms that match their gender identity.

Conflict in the Middle East hits home

The world watches as tensions rise Conflict is spreading across the Middle-Eastern region of the globe. Tensions have risen between Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Israel as they try to slow Iranian influence in the region. At the same time, Turkey is beginning to enter

Stranger Than Fiction

Oscar buzz is reaching its final crest of widespread media coverage after the event took place over the weekend. Perhaps the most intriguing of the films I had the privilege of viewing was the documentary of the year, Icarus. This film, which follows the life

Students take multifaceted stance against gun violence

Mass Shootings In America Call For Action In the wake of another mass school shooting, students across the country are refusing to remain silent. On Valentine’s Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida, 17 children and teachers had their lives extinguished by

Shakespeare’s hidden inspiration

Plagiarism software finds new source for plays Shakespeare is one the most famous and influential writers to have ever lived, and he remains one of the most commonly read writers worldwide. However, a recent discovery has maybe found the Bard to be less original than

Students protest CU Denver’s contract with ink! coffee

New location stirs student concerns The Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center is scheduled to debut its expansive recreational spaces in May. Though CU Denver students can look forward to using the building’s open kitchens, rock climbing wall, and massage services, there is one

Black History Month is more than a nation’s history

Recognizing excellence at CU  Denver Black History Month gives people time to reflect on a nation’s past and remember the influential African-American figures who have shaped the world into what it is today. While there have been many achievements within the African-American community, such as

Government shutdowns receive backlash

Are shutdowns as severe as they sound? The government shut down from midnight on Saturday, Jan. 20 to Jan. 22. Though this only lasted about two days, government shutdowns are important political events that Americans need to pay attention to. The jargon that surrounds these