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Colorado bill proposes to ban single use plastics

Businesses in Colorado will have to adjust to demanding eco-friendly legislation Colorado officials are debating a proposed bill that that would ban all single-use plastics across the state before the end of 2021. is being proposed to the House Energy and Environment community. The bill

How to get involved in politics

Getting involved in politics isn’t as difficult as some believe  Regardless of political affiliation, getting involved in politics is important. Sure, it may be scary combing through all the different parties and non-profits who all have various goals and visions, but it is much easier

CU Denver’s bike shop

A look into what this resource offers Back in August of 2018, CU Denver’s Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center opened with a gym, climbing wall, nap room, and food pantry amongst other facilities. However, one of the best kept secrets of the Wellness Center

What are CU Denver’s Freedom of Speech Policies?

Auraria Campus Police Department protects all opinions In order to continue to live in a free society as individual citizens with equally individual opinions, free speech is a necessity. The concept of free speech is especially important in the learning environment, such as the one

Denver’s Pit Bull Ban Remains

Are pit bulls inherently dangerous? In 1989, two incidents caused the city and county of Denver to enforce a ban on pit bulls. Last month, the Denver City Council sought to repeal the ban, but were ultimately shut down by Mayor Michael Hancock’s veto. The

Joe Biden Takes the Lead on Super Tuesday

Sanders takes the win in Colorado On “Super Tuesday,” March 3, Colorado and 13 other states (and one territory) held their primary votes to decide the Democratic and Republican nominee for the 2020 presidential election. Candidates hoped to collect a majority of the 1,357 delegates,

CU System Hires Chief Diversity Officer

Added position aims to improve diversity and inclusion on CU’s campuses At CU Denver, 44 percent of the undergraduate student body is composed of students of color, 7 percent of the university are international students and 51 percent of incoming freshmen are first-generation college students

Bernie Sanders Visits Denver

Local and national supporters rally for Sanders As of early March 2020, America is right in the middle of the voting season, and with primaries, caucuses, and rallies galore, Colorado is no exception. In the past few weeks, Colorado hosted rallies for Elizabeth Warren, Pete

CROWN Act Introduced to Colorado Legislature

Aims to eliminate discrimination based on hair  In the transition from education to the workforce, most people begin to worry about looking “professional.” While for some that may just mean wearing a suit, others must worry about their most natural characteristics, such as hair. Up

Keep America Great Rally in Colorado Springs

On Thursday, February 20, President Donald Trump paid a visit to Colorado for his 2020 presidential campaign. Alongside President Trump at the rally was Vice President Mike Pence and Colorado Senator Cory Gardner. The event quickly reached capacity, with some supporters camping out in front