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President Trump’s first month in office

EXECUTIVE ACTIONS DEFINE NEW ADMINISTRATION President Trump’s actions in the first weeks of his presidency have ignited controversy, condemnation, and political demonstrations worldwide. Before examining any of Trump’s executive actions, it’s important to point out that very few of the Executive Orders have had a

The Syrian War and Disruption In Aleppo

CU DENVER STUDENTS SPEAK UP ON THE REFUGEE CRISIS Over the course of the last five years, issues in Syria grew from political distress to the incineration and destruction of the cities and lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrians. The issues arose in out of political disinterest

College Campuses Mishandle Student Sexual Assault Cases

THIS ARTICLE IS COMPOSED OF SENSITIVE CONTENT Rape cases are handled differently around the country, especially when it comes to university and college settings. In September of this year, student Cecilia Carreras from the University of Richmond in Virginia reported being raped and assaulted by

“This Movement Doesn’t End on Election Day”

SANDERS, WARREN RALLY TAKES TURNHALLE A line of hundreds of animated, exuberant, and roused Coloradans meandered around the Tivoli and deep into 9th Street Park for an opportunity to rally with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for the Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine campaign on

CU Dreamers Make College A Reality With Scholarship

UNDOCUMENTED STUDENTS DESERVE AN EDUCATION In a time where insults and political carnage splatter across headlines and newsfeeds, students on the Auraria Campus have united to bring awareness to making education accessible to everybody—especially to those who are undocumented. According to the American Immigration Council,

Latinx Heritage Month Honored at CU Denver

FOCUS ON CULTURE, LANGUAGE, AND IDENTITY Mid-September always marks the beginning of the ever-so-colorful celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. This month is dedicated to celebrating and learning about the several distinct cultures that make up the Hispanic and Latino community. This year at CU Denver,

Janitorial Rights Under Scrutiny

AHEC STAFF SEEKS AWARENESS, JUSTICE Recently, the custodial workers at Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC)  have been the recipients of intense discrimination, which seems to be racially oriented and extends into prejudice against non-English-speaking workers. The AHEC staff complained to their superiors well before the

Activists Challenge Denver Law Enforcement

POLICE AIM TO REDUCE RACIAL BIAS   This month, the Denver Police Department announced a plan to collect racial and ethnic data for select traffic and pedestrian stops by the end of 2016. Activists have been pushing for this policy to become routine for years,

Denver Puts Pressure On the Homeless

LAW RENDERS BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS ILLEGAL Last month’s police sweeps marked another advancement in Denver’s systematic criminalization of people experiencing homelessness. The Denver Police Department’s collaboration with Denver Public Works employees to seize the belongings of homeless citizens made national news on March 8. The

Student Housing Options on Campus

STUDENTS CAN LIVE IN THREE DIFFERENT HOUSING UNITS Auraria Campus has been known as the commuter school of Denver, but that has changed with the addition of student housing and with each university encouraging more students to live on campus. CU Denver students can chose