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Stranger than Fiction | Matt Kriese

In my experience working alongside people of all backgrounds, sexual identities, and places on the gender spectrum, I have learned to grow and be shaped by the ways in which individuals express themselves. From these friendships, I have heard frankly horrific tales of abuse and

Stranger Than Fiction | Matt Kriese

There are few things in this world that I can say are worthy of being hated. I am someone who, in most cases, will not be affected by the world changing around me. I am excited to change with it. But, there is one part

Students protest the decision to remove DACA

On Sept. 5, thousands of middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students walked out from their classrooms to protest the Trump administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival DACA program. At least eight separate marches from across Denver County convened on the

Stranger Than Fiction | Matt Kriese

As an American, there are certain values that I wish to uphold to the greatest extents and depths I can possibly achieve. I believe in a future built by the determination of young people who have seen the injustices of the past and wish to

Welcome Week wows students with endless fun

FIRST WEEK BACK FULL OF EVENTS FOR STUDENTS TO ENJOY Welcome Week excelled at promoting the interests of students by giving them opportunities to feel connected to campus. The first week back from summer vacation has an unprecedented ability to make students feel a crippling

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CU Denver SGA Elections return to campus

WHERE, WHY, AND HOW TO VOTE? The Student Government Association (SGA) elections are back in action. Like always, it’s out with the old and in with the new. This is a friendly guide to CU Denver’s student government, how to vote, and how these elections

Transgender Students

Former President Barack Obama’s Administration issued a letter to public schools last May which stated that transgender students in K-12 and higher education campuses were allowed to use the restrooms that correspond with their gender identities, and were protected under the federal government in doing

Celebrating the Cultural Diversity Festival

CU EMBRACES DIVERSITY AND TOLERANCE For its third consecutive year, the Cultural Diversity Festival returned and celebrated the rich identities of the Auraria Campus community. On Feb. 28, the Tivoli Turnhalle transformed into a cultural, celebratory conglomerate. Originally started by Student Government Association (SGA) alumni

President Trump’s first month in office

EXECUTIVE ACTIONS DEFINE NEW ADMINISTRATION President Trump’s actions in the first weeks of his presidency have ignited controversy, condemnation, and political demonstrations worldwide. Before examining any of Trump’s executive actions, it’s important to point out that very few of the Executive Orders have had a

The Syrian War and Disruption In Aleppo

CU DENVER STUDENTS SPEAK UP ON THE REFUGEE CRISIS Over the course of the last five years, issues in Syria grew from political distress to the incineration and destruction of the cities and lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrians. The issues arose in out of political disinterest