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Angela Buckley

PROFESSOR RUNS ENTREPRENEURIAL PROGRAM ON CAMPUS Making a living in the arts is no easy task. Unlike many other career paths, there might not be an office job waiting when college is done, even for the most qualified or talented applicants. This uncertainty can be

Amber Long: Director of the Wellness Center

DIRECTOR AIMS TO REVOLUTIONIZE AURARIA CAMPUS Everyone has a different perception of what wellness means, and for some it means having bulging biceps, drinking kale smoothies for breakfast, or getting in touch with their spiritual side. Amber Long, the new Director of the CU Denver

Yang Wang

Dr. Yang Wang, a professor in the College of Arts and Media, is helping bring diversity to the art history program on campus. One of CU Denver’s newest professors, Wang has a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in

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Tatiana Cullen

ARCHITECTURE STUDENT PARTAKES IN ELITE PROJECT Master of Architecture student Tatiana Cullen has dreamt of becoming an architect for as long as she can remember. While reminiscing about her childhood, Cullen recounted how much she loved painting, drawing, sculpting, and art. She found inspiration in

Joseph Halter

DIRECTOR OF OFFICE OF STUDENT LIFE     It is the beginning of the school year. Classes are starting, and with the annual resurgence of bodies on campus, both new and familiar faces are flooding Auraria. Students are being sent on office scavenger hunts to find

Aisha Mohamed

MOHAMED STRIVES FOR FOR DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION International Studies major and Pre-Law minor Aisha Mohamed is striving to educate others on the negative stereotypes of Islam, though her work with student organizations and volunteer work. From serving as President of the Muslim Student Association, to

Robert Fikes IV

FIKES RISKED FINANCIAL SECURITY FOR DREAM JOB After transferring schools and deciding to chase his dreams, Robert Fikes is now a junior flourishing at CU Denver. “I went to San Diego State University and I majored in Computer Science for about two years,” Fikes said.

Jack Kroll

CU DENVER ALUMNI RUNS FOR CU REGENT A CU Denver alumnus John ‘Jack’ Kroll has gone from being an active student on campus to a CU Regent candidate. Kroll attended CU Denver from 2006– 2011 where he majored in Economics and English Literature and minored

Phillip Mann

MANN BALANCES TEACHING AND ART The Auraria sculpture and 3D design department couldn’t operate without its lab tech and part-time professor Phillip Mann. Mann can almost always be found in his office in the Auraria sculpture studio, drifting about like an omniscient sculpture guru. Mann

Johnnie Nguyen

CU DENVER STUDENT AND POLITICAL ACTIVIST It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say CU Denver sophomore Johnnie Nguyen is one of the busiest students on Auraria Campus. He’s juggling extensive volunteer work, political internships, and schoolwork. Part of his determination may be from a personal