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Amber Long prepares for new Wellness Center

NEW DIRECTOR READY TO HELP STUDENT WELLNESS “This is my dream job,” is the first thing Amber Long said when asked about her role as Director of the Wellness Center—and the sincerity of those words is evident in everything she does. She’s a natural, effervescent

On the Record with Raul

GETTING TO KNOW V.C. CARDENAS Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Raul Cardenas Jr.’s office is perched on the top floor of Lawrence Street Center, lending him a panoramic view of Auraria Campus and the city scape adjacent to it. He has an unobstructed view of

CU Personality // Alex Pongphachanxay

SGA’S STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Alex Pongphachanxay, known by many as the current Student Government Association President, is a fourth year student majoring in ethnic studies and double minoring in communication and international studies. His commitment to the student body and future of CU Denver is

CU Personality // Mus Musculus

The Sentry office has been home to many students, but this semester it has been home to one unlikely guest: a mouse. Mus Musculus is the Sentry’s newest and most visable resident mouse. As mice have terrible eyesight, they compensate with a keen sense of

Teague Bohlen

EATING- UH, TEACHING- ENGLISH STUDENTS As campus springs back into the warm embrace of the season, students seem to still wallow in a post-break stupor. The perpetual drain of classwork has always followed students into the dying weeks of the year, which is exactly why

CU Personality // Vikasini Mahalingham

As people place their orders at Kaladi Coffee, there is a familiar face among the unknown. With a warm smile and recognizable witty sense of humor, Vikasini Mahalingham jokes with the barista about the weather outside. Her endearing personality welcomes even the shy at heart,

CU Personality // Heather Lafferty

Heather Lafferty is a superwoman. As a CEO and Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver and CU Denver alum, Lafferty has helped build more than 100 homes during her active years in the organization. When talking to the CU Denver Sentry about

CU Personality // Lacie Edgars @ i-lov-iT Market

The i-lov-iT Market sits smack-dab in the middle of the Tivoli Student Union and serves as a quick stop-and-shop convenience store for students on the run. While many customer service exchanges are rushed and often forgettable, Lacie Edgars has rarely had such a plain interaction.

CU Personality // Brian Young

It’s no secret that millennials are attached to their phones, but not everyone can make a career out of snapchatting. Brian Young, however, has done just that. Young pitched the idea of creating a CU Denver Snapchat to Social Media Coordinator Matthew Kaskavitch. One month

CU Personality // Andy Guerrero

“ROK” TEACHES STUDENTS HOW TO ROCK Upon first glance, you wouldn’t know that Andrew “Rok” Guerrero has attended several Grammy Award Shows, performed on CONAN, and has a platinum record—but he has. Music Business Professor and alumni Guerrero has had quite a bit of success