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Mass weather-related protests erupt in front of capitol

Anti-weatherists chant “Down with weather” Saturday morning  “I’m not really sure what they want us to do,” says government official Ms. Rainn Weatherby. She refers to the protesters outside the capital, climbing the steps and chanting “Down with weather!” continuously. “That’s really not under our jurisdiction.” 

Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place

Ghost adventures Do you believe in ghosts? My best friend does, my husband doesn’t, and I’m in the middle. But that’s not what matters here. What matters is that husband took my friend and I on a once in a lifetime trip to one of

2020 is the reckoning Papa John was talking about

All hail the Pizza King   Move over Raven Simone: Papa John is the new pop culture clairvoyant. In November 2019, Papa John’s founder John Schnatter (who, for clarity, will only be called Papa John for the remainder of this article) said in an interview, “Stay tuned. The

CU Denver adopts new mascot

Milo is now a real lynx cat, no longer a person in a costume  The CU Denver chancellor has finally caved to angry students, jealous that CU Boulder gets a real life buffalo animal as its mascot and CSU gets a real life ram, demanding they get

Trump’s trivia induced catharsis

Trump renounces himself as President after playing Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader ? “I’ve made a huge mistake,” Trump said earlier this morning at what he thought was The State of The Union Address for 2020, “maybe the biggest mistake in the history of mistakes… ever.” It

Pricilla Rahn runs for CU regent

What this means for CU Denver students The Univeristy of Colorado regent positions are similar to what people would expect to see on a board of education for K-12 schooling systems. The regents make decisions for all schools in the CU System, including overseeing the

Colorado bill proposes to ban single use plastics

Businesses in Colorado will have to adjust to demanding eco-friendly legislation Colorado officials are debating a proposed bill that that would ban all single-use plastics across the state before the end of 2021. is being proposed to the House Energy and Environment community. The bill

Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place

Just processing Well, here we are. I thought my column this week would be my final printed column, which I would treat accordingly and make it special. It was going to be something beautiful about something great and then conclude in the most perfect way.

How to get involved in politics

Getting involved in politics isn’t as difficult as some believe  Regardless of political affiliation, getting involved in politics is important. Sure, it may be scary combing through all the different parties and non-profits who all have various goals and visions, but it is much easier

CU Denver’s bike shop

A look into what this resource offers Back in August of 2018, CU Denver’s Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center opened with a gym, climbing wall, nap room, and food pantry amongst other facilities. However, one of the best kept secrets of the Wellness Center