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AHEC implements new fees for students

ORGS CAN NO LONGER RESERVE AHEC SPACES FOR FREE As of July 1, student organizations from the Auraria Campus will need to pay a fee if they wish to use spaces in buildings owned by the Auraria Higher Education Center for meetings or events. AHEC

Amber Long prepares for new Wellness Center

NEW DIRECTOR READY TO HELP STUDENT WELLNESS “This is my dream job,” is the first thing Amber Long said when asked about her role as Director of the Wellness Center—and the sincerity of those words is evident in everything she does. She’s a natural, effervescent

Stranger Than Fiction | Matthew Kriese

To say the presidency of Donald Trump has been without controversy is to be painfully distanced from the news reverberating from the Oval Office. The rhetoric of Trump has been sharp and has usually managed to cause some form of uproar across the nation. So,

On the Record with Raul

GETTING TO KNOW V.C. CARDENAS Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Raul Cardenas Jr.’s office is perched on the top floor of Lawrence Street Center, lending him a panoramic view of Auraria Campus and the city scape adjacent to it. He has an unobstructed view of

Bike theft prevalent on Auraria

KEEP BOTH WHEELS GROUNDED It goes without saying that CU Denver is a non-traditional campus; however, one of the most nuanced ways in which its non-traditional nature has flourished is undoubtedly the sheer amount of commuter students in attendance. Approximately 95 percent of the student

Minds Matter of Denver aids students in need

GRADUATES GUARANTEED CU DENVER ADMISSION  CU Denver has recently partnered with Minds Matter of Denver, a non-profit organization that is committed to serving underrepresented youth predominantly in Denver Public Schools (DPS). This partnership will lead to an influx of motivated and passionate intellectuals coming to

Retriever rescue welcomes dogs from Istanbul

OPERATION TURKEY DOGS BRINGS GOLDENS TO DENVER Istanbul, Turkey has an overwhelming stray dog population, many of which are golden retrievers. A local rescue, Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR), is one of a handful of golden retriever rescues in the US involved with

Queerly Beloved // Gem Sheps

The past nine months have been wild. Somehow, that feels like an understatement. From my personal life to the state of the nation, it feels like everything around me has changed so radically that I’m not the same person I was when I started working

CU Personality // Alex Pongphachanxay

SGA’S STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Alex Pongphachanxay, known by many as the current Student Government Association President, is a fourth year student majoring in ethnic studies and double minoring in communication and international studies. His commitment to the student body and future of CU Denver is