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Meet CU Denver student Yazmin Castillo

Castillo is passionate about children and nonprofit work College is stressful. Work is stressful. Combined, these two things make for busy weeks with little time to oneself, and for some, that can be unbearable. Yazmin Castillo, however, is not like most people. A first-generation student

Mark Kennedy confirmed as CU President

Vote reflects political divisions The CU Regents voted to confirm nominee Mark Kennedy for CU President, despite the controversy surrounding his nomination. Days earlier, the University of Colorado Faculty Council, an elected body comprised of faculty members from all four campuses, released a report on

Fear of school shootings is shaping America’s youth

Recent Colorado incident increased anxiety K–12 students across the state of Colorado got an unplanned day off on April 17 as Colorado authorities conducted a region-wide manhunt for Columbine infatuate Sol Pais. Eighteen-year-old Pais was found dead late on the morning of April 17 near

Understanding legal options to protect natural world

“Rights of Nature” event held for students On April 29, the CU Denver Political Science Student Union and the Auraria Student Sustainability Club hosted an event confronting the legal rights of nature, featuring Thomas Linzey, the Executive Director of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Club.

Another brick in the wall

Millennial Burnout In January, Buzzfeed published, “How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation” by Anne Helen Petersen, and the article quickly circulated amongst my group of friends. “I couldn’t believe how much this resonated with me,” one of my friends said. I was surprised. Based on

Inside Denver’s 2019 mayoral race

Elections will be held on May 7 The future of Denver rides heavily on the upcoming city elections, and nothing exemplifies this more than the tense mayoral race. While incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock has held the office since 2011, he has come into controversy in

An evening at Keep Talking, End the Stigma

Exploring the healing power of narrative On April 18, the Tivoli Turnhalle hosted a new mental health awareness event. Keep Talking, End the Stigma was a collaborative event headed by the Office of Case Management and co-sponsored by the Counseling Center, the Phoenix Center, Student

Another brick in the wall

The Greedy Professions Last week I wrote about my anxieties with job searching, which I think is relatively common, even if my personal concerns are a little more specific. I know very few people who enjoy the job application and interview process, and people who

Allegations of racism emerge from CSU

Students raise questions about diversity in college While institutions of higher education often include “diversity” as one of their primary commitments, several stories emerging from students at Colorado State University indicate that the education system is far from perfect. In the last several weeks, three