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Studying abroad at CU Denver

Different program options cater to student needs CU Denver has a variety of study abroad programs for all interests. The courses are taught by CU Denver faculty and last from two to five weeks. The application process is available online and requires a statement of

Vaping increasing among CO teenagers

New health proposals address e-cigarette use On Dec. 8, 2018 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released an official statement and string of fact sheets in an effort to bring national awareness to a new generation of tobacco use: vaping. E-Cigarettes, Vape Mods, E-Hookahs, and

Another brick in the wall

Creepy Political Fans Stanning is a term used for fans of certain celebrities acting obsessive and overzealous. It’s a phenomenon that tends to be particularly pronounced during celebrity feuds, as last year Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s fans were famously involved in their months-long public

Greek Life coming soon to CU Denver

Programs to focus on diversity and inclusion On Feb. 6, CU Denver’s Office of Student Life and Campus Community hosted an information session on the newly launched sorority and fraternity program. “We’re starting a community from scratch, which is incredibly exciting,” Courtney Kristan, the Greek

Title IX comment period closes

Changes could impact Auraria Campus In late 2017, US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced an overhaul of Title IX policies. Her proposed changes were released in November 2018, beginning a public commenting period to receive input and questions from those that would be affected by

RTD asks for input on commuting in Boulder County

Denver traffic increasing commute to Boulder The B Line light rail route through RTD was approved by voters in 2004 to expand services and commuter transit across Denver’s metropolitan regions. The proposed stops include Flatiron, Louisville, Boulder Junction, and Downtown Longmont. In 2016, the B

Sen. Cory Gardner looking to 2020 election

Cory Gardner introduces government shutdown legislation Sen. Cory Gardner, who is up for re-election in 2020, might have a difficult campaign ahead of him. According to the CU Boulder American Politics Research Lab’s most recent polls from Jan. 26, Gardner only holds on to a

Another Brick in the Wall

Workplace Abuse in Politics Last week, both Buzzfeed News and The Huffington Post published stories about Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar’s problematic interactions with subordinates. The Minnesota Senator, according to Buzzfeed, frequently “yelled, threw papers, and sometimes even hurled objects,” while The Huffington Post claimed

Jared Polis introduces plan for all-day kindergarten

Other officials express concerns about cost Recently elected Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has unveiled his proposal for state-funded, full-day kindergarten in Colorado. The plan adds up to $227 million in order to fund numerous school districts’ kindergarten programs. This was one of Polis’ chief concerns

Netflix raising subscription costs

Company prioritizing original content One of the most popular streaming services, Netflix, just announced that they will be raising their prices across the United States for new subscribers, and existing users should expect to see their bills begin to rise over the next three months.