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Stranger Than Fiction

Valentine’s Day fell on Ash Wednesday this year. These days probably mean little to those who didn’t share my upbringing. Growing up Catholic, these two days hold a particular importance on my calendar. Ash Wednesday represents the first day of Lent, a holiday where Catholics

Black History Month is more than a nation’s history

Recognizing excellence at CU  Denver Black History Month gives people time to reflect on a nation’s past and remember the influential African-American figures who have shaped the world into what it is today. While there have been many achievements within the African-American community, such as

Government shutdowns receive backlash

Are shutdowns as severe as they sound? The government shut down from midnight on Saturday, Jan. 20 to Jan. 22. Though this only lasted about two days, government shutdowns are important political events that Americans need to pay attention to. The jargon that surrounds these

“Day Zero” water crisis looms in Cape Town

Global water supply draining Imagine a day without access to water. No easy flip of the faucet, no simple cup of coffee, no thoughtless flush of a toilet—nothing. As one of the resources that are taken for granted by many, the global issue of water

More than undocumented: workers, creators, DREAMers

The impact of Trump’s decision on students The new era of American immigration policy headed by the Trump administration has set the lives of many in flux, considering that the historical demographic makeup of the United States consists of immigrants from many different foreign countries.

CU Denver celebrates Milo’s fifth birthday

Fourth Annual Milo Mile A student-led initiative in 2013 brought CU Denver mascot Milo the Lynx to life. Before then, CU Denver students didn’t have a mascot to represent the student body. To commemorate Milo’s fifth birthday, students, faculty, and staff gathered in the Tivoli quad

Fighting back against the cold commute

Tips and Tricks to Keep Warm In Colorado, the earlier months of the year tend to be cold and snowy. Because of that, commuting can be a hazardous endeavor. In the spring semester, here are some tips to keep warm and stay safe. Karley Sun,

Stranger Than Fiction

There are aspects to the political world that are far more intriguing than a budget presentation. No one is debating that. But, I feel like budgets say a whole lot more about what people are actually prioritizing than any speech or promise could. Think about

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Proactive campus safety and procedures

Ways to respond to a disastrous incident On Jan. 24, a Thornton Deputy was shot and killed while chasing a suspect involved in an assault. After the shots were fired, police searched the area for the suspect, asking residents to stay indoors and keep their

Professor Stan Soocher works eight days a week

Beatles live in academia The way the production cuts it, it’s like a wave,” said Stan Soocher, describing the beginning twangs of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles. This song had secured the band’s fiery reception in the United States by the end