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Hillary and Chelsea Clinton visit the Paramount

Hillary Rodham Clinton and her daughter Chelsea visited Denver’s Paramount Theatre on Nov. 4. Tattered Cover hosted the event, whose initial venue was a church, but which quickly transformed to something much larger as interest and ticket sales exploded.   The Clinton duo were here

Winter fun has just begun

The recent drops in temperature may have some wondering what activities Denver has to offer in the colder weather. Sure, bundling up and going for a hike in typical Colorado style is still an option, but Denver has more to offer to enjoy the winter

Día de los Muertos celebration

People with faces painted like candied skulls and colorful flower crowns on their heads filled the streets surrounding the Denver Botanic Gardens on Saturday, Nov. 2, as they participated in the festivities that the Gardens held for Día de los Muertos.   Día de los

Light Up My Life on the Dairy Block

Scott Young’s newest exhibit on the Dairy Block, Light Up My Life, is a fiery burst of passion and life that focuses on human connection and relationships. The exhibit displays many new pieces as well as some from a series of past exhibits: “Wish You

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National Novel Writing Month

There is a story inside of every person. It can be a personal story or something entirely fictional, but either way, everyone has something to say. November is the month above all others that allows someone to tell that story. November is known as the

Dark Side of Denver

For those interested in the darker history of LoDo, Dark of Side of Denver Ghost Tours opens the door to the paranormal world. Seasoned storytellers dedicate every weekend to leading people around Denver. Much of the tour occurs inside Union Station and other iconic buildings,

The evolution of Halloween traditions

With Halloween lurking just around the corner, many might wonder where their American Halloween traditions originated. Why do people carve pumpkins? Why do people dress up in costumes? Who thought candy corn was a good idea? From the beginning of these traditions around 2,000 years

Lore Live at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts

How can the telling of bone chilling stories of mysterious creatures, getting lost in the woods, or finding a man living in a cellar under a family home ever be soothing? Easy: have the stories expertly written and read by Aaron Mahnke and musically backed

Halloween staff picks and The Teal Pumpkin Project

Lore is the perfect spooky Halloween podcast. Aaron Mahnke, creator and narrator of Lore, covers a variety of topics, from ghost stories, folk legends, and true events, all of which have spooky themes. Covering serial killers, vampires, ghosts, monsters, and more, Lore is a great

Behind the scenes look at 13th Floor Denver

Lights dance across thick fog. The corridors cause disorientation and fear. Screams are heard in the distance. This is 13th Floor Haunted House. The haunted house, open until Nov. 9, is well worth the price of admission from $20 and up. Terrifying clowns patrol the