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Mobile Boutiques Reinvent Business

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE, HOW TO FIND THEM With a seemingly ever-growing population, the Denver small business scene is rapidly expanding to keep up. Denver transplants and locals alike are taking advantage of every new money making idea, which means different and innovative forms of

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Taylor Kirby: Feminist Agenda

Sunday’s 68th Primetime Emmy Awards should make any television connoisseur very, very happy. It was the rare award show that recieved press for consistently making the right  decisions. The likes of American Crime Story’s Sarah Paulson and Orphan Black’s Tatiana Malsany were finally given their

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Paul Conner: Guiding The Future of CGI

INSTRUCTORS RESUME TOP-NOTCH The list of incredible staff members with even more impressive resumes is never-ending on the CU Denver campus—but some of those resumes are more mysterious than others. Paul Conner—instructor and Program Coordinator for the Digital Animation Center at CU Denver—is a man

Kubo Innovates Stop Motion Animation

FILM A TREAT FOR EYES, HEARTSTRINGS Kubo and the Two Strings entered theaters in mid-August with a fanfare of critical acclaim. It won international praise for its immaculate stop motion animation, and the thoughtful plot had audiences both cheering and crying in the theaters. The

MCA’s Art Mart Hosts Up-And-Coming Local Artists

GRAND BAAZAR LIKE- VENUE FOR VENDORS When walking up the industrial ramp to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver entrance on Sept. 10, there were no lines; the space appeared quiet and uninhabited. After making the way down the steps to the first floor, the

Adult Swim Drive-in Bids Summer A Fond Farewell

EVENT DEBUTS NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN CONTENT Nothing shouts summer like swirly soft-serve ice cream, children splashing in swimming pools, and nostalgic retro drive-in theaters. As fall steadily creeps in and summer begins to hibernate, nighttime TV favorite Adult Swim has come to the rescue to properly salute

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Tivoli Food Court: SONO! or Taco Bell?

SO NO MORE TACOS Taco Bell, a 20-year-old staple of the Tivoli food court, has been tragically ousted from campus—and Aurarians are not happy about it. Its usurper, SONO!, took over the contract for coveted space in the Tivoli just in time to launch for

CU Denver Live! Presents Annual Art of Cooking

EVENT ENGAGES STUDENTS, DEVELOPS SKILLS On a busy Thursday evening, a throng of CU Denver students could be seen walking down 16th Street, talking among themselves, excited, and hungry. The fourth-annual Art of Cooking event, spearheaded by CU Denver Live!, was held on Sept. 8

Professor Releases Award-Winning Film

MOVIE BOASTS FEMINISM, MOTORCYCLES When attending a women’s motorcycle event a couple years ago, Assistant Professor of Digital Design Michelle Carpenter was hungry for stories. She patiently waited for one so captivating and unique that she could make a documentary or film out of it.

Toxic Avenger Gets Musical Adaptation

STILL CAMPY, LOW-BUDGET, AND HILARIOUS The Toxic Avenger is popularly known for its extreme gore and incomprehensibly low budget, but despite the Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufmen film being mostly entertaining to people who are high, the film has achieved a cult classic status. When