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McDonald’s cuisine five minutes before store closes

STALE BLISS “We close in five minutes,” the McDonald’s cashier greeted the Sentry as our reporters arrived for a long overdue profile on the Tivoli staple. Perfect. Just in time. The employees were so focused on their work that they retrieved the large order from

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Oscars audit reveals Leonardio DiCaprio actually lost

DICAPRIO TO MEME AGAIN After Steve Harvey announced the wrong woman for Miss Universe in . 2016, it seemed nearly impossible that the internet would be #blessed with another iconic award show mishap. What could top that? It was a triple-check and a peculiar glance

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Reap rewards of dumpster diving without the stigma

STUDENT LIFE LEFTOVERS ASTOUND AND AMAZE For students looking for a freemium feast that strikes the perfect balance between quality and adventure, look no further than any open space in the Tivoli Monday through Friday on Auraria Campus. The last scraps of catered meals offer

The Dark Web: a pleasant place to browse, shop

NOT JUST SEXUAL SLAVERY Accessible only by Tor browser, the Dark Web is hands down the greatest underworld realm that can be found. It sounds frightening and sketchy to the average law-abiding citizen, but based on positive personal experiences, Yelp should rate it 5/5—highest marks.

Bus stops in Denver: kinda OK

HOME TO PIGEONS AND PEOPLE ALIKE The RTD bus system serves as a part-time home for the many people who spend endless hours of their lives waiting for buses that never arrive on time. Luckily, though their scheduling is flaky at best, RTD provides welcoming

Feminist Listicle // Taylor Kirby

He sleeps/leaves me alone for 22 hours a day He won’t be traumatized because I named him Darcy, even though he has every right to be It’s socially acceptable to lock him in a cage in public He doesn’t die when he falls off the

CU Denver professor launches debut novel

EMILY RUSKOVICH IS SET UP FOR SUCCESS “It made no sense. Frightened, Ann went inside, grocery bags in her arms. In the dim light from the floor lamp, she saw that there were many holes cut into the knotty-pine walls, leading to the outside…Her heart

Board games and brews at Grandma’s House

YOUR IMPROVED CHILDHOOD Alot of kids got spoiled at their grandma’s house, but what if adults want to be the ones being treated for a day? Grandma’s House on South Broadway  isn’t where an aging relative lives—it’s a brewery, though there’s still plenty of chances

Dances for Solidarity reaches out to incarcerated individuals

HOSTED BY LIGHTHOUSE WRITERS WORKSHOP On March 12, Dances for Solidarity-Denver invited the Denver community to participate in their second letter-writing workshop of the month. Together, the group—based out of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop—writes to people in solitary confinement. The participants come together every two