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Award Nominees // Silence & Hell or High Water

SILENCE  Jun Lee Silence is an incredible work of art: in addition to its gorgeous cinematography and excellent acting, it’s the type of sensory experience that stays with an audience long after it’s over by presenting philosophical questions and ideas for the moviegoers to piece

Election Marks New Era of American art

MAKING ART POLITICAL AGAIN From telling bros to back off vaginas to the first pro-Trump exhibit, the 2016 political election didn’t cease to inspire artists. This election spurred several controversies throughout the nation as divided beliefs were exhibited through artistic expression. We saw conceptual artist


I have a strange (re: stupid) relationship with music. This isn’t news to me, but it became more obvious in the days leading up to the Women’s March on Denver, Saturday’s inaugural protest. As I was putting together a Songs of the Revolution playlist, a

Minority Representation In Media Is Essential

DIVERSE STORIES ARE BETTER STORIES According to the US Census, about 40 percent of the country is composed of people of color—in Hollywood’s world, however, only a quarter of all characters are non-white, and something isn’t adding up. “We live in this community where popular

The Importance of Film Award Shows

SETTING BAR FOR QUALITY In anticipation of pinnacle events like the Academy Awards and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards, the Sentry will spend the upcoming weeks looking back on some of 2016’s most vibrant explorations in filmmaking. Award shows often come


Even though I’ll have some serious explaining to do if I ever apply for a job in academia, I recently infiltrated a private flat earth group on Facebook for shits and giggles. Their premise is this: many centuries ago, Satanists and the Illuminati conspired to

Girl Code’s Jamie Lee Returns To Denver

MARRIES BOTH COMEDY AND WEDDINGS After becoming a household name as a star of the hit MTV show Girl Code, Jamie Lee has proved she is a force be reckoned with in comedy. Her latest project combines her love for telling jokes and material inspired

Disney’s Moana Producers Visit CU Denver

STUDENTS INSPIRED BY CREATIVE PROCESS Disney has been under the public eye for being a studio that fails to incorporate diversity into its films and characters. In response, Disney hit the drawing board and released its much anticipated indigenous princess flick, Moana.       

The Denver Flea Returns With Holiday Flair

SPORTS CASTLES HOSTS OPEN MARKET Thousands of people gathered for The Denver Flea’s Holiday Flea the weekend of Dec. 2. The Denver Flea is in its 11th year of production and brings a carefully curated list of Colorado small business owners face-to-face with eager small

Feminist Agenda: Taylor Kirby

In the weeks leading up to Fall Break, many people asked me how I would spend my free time. My response was consistently, “Sleeping.” They laughed as if I were joking. On the first day I had completely off from both classes and work, I