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Words from a wallflower

Although I refused to read on my own until I was in the first grade, I still had books lining the shelves on my dresser. The Critter books were replaced with Cam Jensen and Junie B. Jones chapter books, and those were replaced with John

Portrait of a Lady on Fire brings the heat

New film proves to be a timeless romantic narrative Every so often, a film comes along and leaves a viewer so beside themselves and unsure of what to do once the film has ended. So much so that when one knows it’s about to end,

The Future of Now calling for artists

CU Denver student Jess Diaz curates art show at Emmanuel Gallery Starting in May, Emmanuel Art Gallery will host an exhibition of artwork focusing on sustainability titled The Future of Now: Contemporary Art in Our Sustainable World. Jess Diaz, a graduating Digital Design student at

Words from a wallflower

Lola, Marlee, and Me My family always has a dog in our home. They become members of our family, sitting next to us on the couch while whining at any animal that comes on the TV. They give us excited howls when we come home

Little Fires Everywhere sparks readers’ interests

Ng’s second novel spans a large period of time and people while remaining intimate. Photo courtesy of Penguin Group Award-winning novel by Celeste Ng dives into relationships and domesticity   Little Fires Everywhere tells the story of Mia Warren, a single mother and vagrant artist

Words from a wallflower

Stress ball A girl around my age sat in one of the chairs in St. Catejan’s for last week’s blood drive, squeezing a stress ball to fill up a pint-size bag of her blood. Seeing her calm kept me relaxed…until I realized that my blood pressure

Journey to Neverland at Next Stage Gallery

Coinciding with the 2020 production of Peter Pan from the Colorado Ballet, Next Stage Gallery presents an exhibition focused on the classic story. From the Pages of Peter Pan explores the adventures of the “boy who wouldn’t grow up.” As part of the Denver Center

Peter Pan flies to Ellie Caulkins Opera House

“I came across this diary when I was in England. It tells the tale of Peter Pan, a story that will be passed on from generation to generation as long as there are those who believe in childhood innocence and the wonderful sense of adventure,” Michael

Alternate options following graduation

College as a whole makes for one stressful time, but none of it quite compares to the stress of approaching graduation. Up until then, a student has dealt with papers, professors, and finals, but the immediate future has not—generally—been such a mystery; after one semester