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CU outside the city

student RTD pass makes places outside Denver accessible Denver is a city uniquely composed of multicultural neighborhoods, trendy restaurants, and fill, but occasionally, it’s worth stepping outside the bustling city life within the concrete jungle and tight streets to explore the quaint Colorado towns. Every

Words from a Wallflower

A Piece of Home After I said goodbye to my family the weekend before school started my freshman year, I walked back up to my dorm at Campus Village to find a gift on my bed from my mom. Among snacks and small things for

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Best of CatVideoFest: Creature Comforts Edition

Watch cat videos for a good cause For the past few years, theaters all across America have shown the CatVideoFest, a feature-length compilation of the cutest cat videos out there. But the event isn’t simply profiting off of people paying to see cat videos in a

Guilty! of being creative

Online student art exhibit recognizes hard-working students As the school year is coming to an end, it’s time for students to be recognized for their hard work, and Emmanuel Art Gallery is doing exactly that with its annual exhibition. This year, the gallery has had to

Words from a wallflower

A walk in my slippers I had a pair of three-year-old tan slippers that I got over family weekend freshman year. There was a stain on the top right slipper from when I dropped food on it in the CVA dining hall, and the toes

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Not all heroes wear capes

Finding creative ways to honor essential workers In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, essential workers are the glue that’s holding the world together. With Colorado’s stay at home order set to last until May 8, around half of Colorado’s 6 million residents are under

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is the period drama of the early 2010s

Overused plot and mediocre characters still inspire some nostalgia for adolescence  Picture the most stereotypical teenager who was really into Tumblr in 2012. They listened to “underground music” on cheap record players; they read Catcher in the Rye and suddenly it became their entire personality; they had this weird fascination with

Netflix presents a bigger stage for international shows

Once hidden gems prove to be popular titles When people think of Netflix, what’s the first show that comes to mind? One of them would obviously be Tiger King. But the other show they’re probably thinking of is Money Heist. It was the fourth most popular show

Nontraditionally turning tassels doesn’t have to be a hassle

Alternative ways to celebrate graduation Graduation should be a time for celebration, a moment that people look forward to for years. With the current circumstances, graduates this semester will no longer have that traditional experience. Students therefore can get creative with how to celebrate in their own way, but CU Denver also took measures to plan several alternatives. 

Returning to a world of magic

Moon Studios releases Ori sequel every bit as wonderful as its predecessor In early 2015, indie developer Moon Studios introduced gamers to the world of Ori with Ori and the Blind Forest, a fantasy epic that combined breathtaking visuals with the teeth-grinding challenges of a typical platformer in