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Expect The Comically Unexpected

2016 DENVER IMPROV FESTIVAL Not everyone can function under pressure as phenomenally as improv artists. Going into a completely unscripted performance is unnerving, and if the audience loses interest for a moment, the magic is lost. Luckily, Denver’s improv groups did not drop the ball.

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Healthy Twist On An American Classic

HOPDADDY REINVENTS BURGER Burgers and beer are two things that Denver knows how to deliver. Hopdoddy Burger Bar outside Union Station in Downtown Denver serves up local craft brews and fresh burgers. Although this restaurant is a national chain, there is currently only one location

Sonder Coffee & Tea Curates Community

MARKETS CREATIVITY, IDENTIFY, PLUS CAFFEINE Sonder: “A realization that each random passerby has a life just as vivid and complex as your own.” Customers are greeted with these carefully painted words upon entering one of Denver’s newest coffeeshops, and the clear depiction explains that Sonder

Stage Devoted to Frightening Tales

THE BAKERY SERVES UP GHOST STORIES The Pandemic Collective is a non-profit theater company devoted to performing horror theater. Their performances engage audiences and artists from all mediums. The company employs artists that are not necessarily within the theater realm, such as graphic designers, photographers,

Arada: A Gem of Transplanted Cuisine

COMBINES SPICE, FINGER FOOD Tucked away in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District, Arada Ethiopian Restaurant offers a tasty experience that combines East African flavor with America’s favorite eating utensils: fingers. Arada was labeled Westword’s “Best African Restaurant” back in 2008 and has

Doctor Strange Beckons New Marvel Era

DEBUTS TO $85 MILLION With only two infinity stones left to be found ahead of 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, the culmination of a decade of filmmaking, Marvel can’t afford a serious misstep in their Phase 3 lineup. True to form, they responded to that pressure

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Feminist Agenda: Taylor Kirby

Working 50 hours between three jobs and and going to school full time ain’t no joke. This semester has been an experiment in over exhaustion. In the past couple of months I’ve fallen asleep at my desk, in the breakroom at work, and even on

What’s The Ultimate Halloween Film?

HOCUS POCUS It’s that time of year again: everyone’s drinking pumpkin spice lattes while kicking their way through fallen leaves and going to haunted houses. But more important things need to be discussed during the Halloween season, like how much better Hocus Pocus is than

Master Carver Teaches Art Of Victorian Pumpkins

FAMILY-OWNED ENTERPRISE Pumpkin carving has become one of mainstream society’s primary rituals to celebrate Halloween. Every year, people get together with their friends and family and see who will be the first to break the carving knives that came with the Target template book. While

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Feminist Agenda: Taylor Kirby

  Let’s talk about the Netflix revolution. Luke Cage, Marvel’s newest gift to humankind, has been streaming for nearly a month. I admit saying that is a product of my Marvel bias—the show is far from perfect. It suffered the same bloatedness and thinly sketched