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Dachshunds, Polka Alongside Beer At Oktoberfest

LONG DOG DERBY ACCOMPANIES WEINERSHINITZELS The aromas of fresh weinershinitzel, greasy two-pound turkey legs, and the unlimited beer have brought people together with the one thing that matters the most: celebrating good times alongside great company. The Denver Oktoberfest is back for its 47th year,

Extreme Mammals Make Their Debut in Denver

DMNS EDUCATES ABOUT ANIMAL HISTORY Today’s generation of kids are constantly living on the edge of excitement, living and breathing for anything bizarre and somewhat weird. All of this and more describes what can be found at a new exhibit, Extreme Mammals, now showing at

Local Artist Explores Subjectivity Through Collages

Point Gallery on Santa Fe is currently showcasing the work of local artist Jennifer Davey. The exhibit, What You Believe Is What You See, explores the relational experience of living in an era of turbulent politics and social self-reform. The paintings of Jennifer Davey—a longtime

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Feminist Agenda: Taylor Kirby

Now that the first presidential debate is behind us, we’ve entered election season proper, and I can no longer be motivated to quiet my constant state of politically inspired rage. I reviewed clips from 2012’s final showdown between Romney and Obama ahead of Monday’s debate.

City, o’ City Debuts Bakery in Capitol Hill

MAKE, BELIEVE OFFERS TREATS FOR ALT-DIETS City, O’City is an indispensable cornerstone of Denver’s vegan scene and now offers something even more exciting to people living with alternative diets. Make, Believe bakery (previously known as Watercourse Bakery) has opened next-door to City, O’City, and is

Mobile Boutiques Reinvent Business

WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE, HOW TO FIND THEM With a seemingly ever-growing population, the Denver small business scene is rapidly expanding to keep up. Denver transplants and locals alike are taking advantage of every new money making idea, which means different and innovative forms of

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Taylor Kirby: Feminist Agenda

Sunday’s 68th Primetime Emmy Awards should make any television connoisseur very, very happy. It was the rare award show that recieved press for consistently making the right  decisions. The likes of American Crime Story’s Sarah Paulson and Orphan Black’s Tatiana Malsany were finally given their

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Paul Conner: Guiding The Future of CGI

INSTRUCTORS RESUME TOP-NOTCH The list of incredible staff members with even more impressive resumes is never-ending on the CU Denver campus—but some of those resumes are more mysterious than others. Paul Conner—instructor and Program Coordinator for the Digital Animation Center at CU Denver—is a man

Kubo Innovates Stop Motion Animation

FILM A TREAT FOR EYES, HEARTSTRINGS Kubo and the Two Strings entered theaters in mid-August with a fanfare of critical acclaim. It won international praise for its immaculate stop motion animation, and the thoughtful plot had audiences both cheering and crying in the theaters. The

MCA’s Art Mart Hosts Up-And-Coming Local Artists

GRAND BAAZAR LIKE- VENUE FOR VENDORS When walking up the industrial ramp to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver entrance on Sept. 10, there were no lines; the space appeared quiet and uninhabited. After making the way down the steps to the first floor, the