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Questionable casting causes controversy

GHOST IN THE SHELL STRAYS AWAY FROM ORIGINAL Ghost in the Shell is an acclaimed Japanese media franchise that was initially published as a seinen manga written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow. The manga was first serialized in 1989, telling the story of Motoko Kusanagi,

Feminist Agenda // Taylor Kirby

As innovatively explosive as the podcast scene is right . now, the best of the best are the shows that draw life from the genre’s roots: audio journalism. Welcome to Night Vale reignited the podcast spark, but it was Serial’s investigative reporting that would later

Logan is a testament to the power of franchises

SHEDS BLOOD, SPILLS TEARS X-Men movies tend to be hit or miss. For every well-received X-Men film, there are two or three that don’t measure up. For Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the iconic Wolverine, fans have reason to be wary, especially since his previous

Passion project evolves into premier coffee house

Sträva Craft CURATES INFUSED BREWS A desire to create positive change through different passions brought an unlikely duo together to brew fine craft coffee with a Colorado twist. Sträva Craft Coffee was founded in 2015 by Andrew Aamot and Kevin Crowley. Aamot, with a background in information

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Game of Thrones concert: songs of ice and fire

WESTEROS COMES TO DENVER The voice of Cersei Lannister echoes across the filled-to-capacity Pepsi Center: “Silence your phones now, or you will be boiled in the blood of your children.” A full orchestra queues up the Game of Thrones theme song; the opening credits play

Beauty and the Beast fuels remake aspirations

A SPECTACLE OF COSTUMING, SET DESIGN, AND SPLENDOR For fans of the 1991 animated Beauty and the Beast film, the 2017 live-action version of the film is sure to amaze and mesmerize. For those unfamiliar or less interested in the animated film, the live-action film

Feminist Agenda // Taylor Kirby

This week’s blasphemy: I like the new Beauty and the Beast more than I like the original. I won’t argue the live-action version is a perfect piece of filmmaking that usurped the place of a classic in my heart—Beauty and the Beast always ranked low

McDonald’s cuisine five minutes before store closes

STALE BLISS “We close in five minutes,” the McDonald’s cashier greeted the Sentry as our reporters arrived for a long overdue profile on the Tivoli staple. Perfect. Just in time. The employees were so focused on their work that they retrieved the large order from

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Oscars audit reveals Leonardio DiCaprio actually lost

DICAPRIO TO MEME AGAIN After Steve Harvey announced the wrong woman for Miss Universe in . 2016, it seemed nearly impossible that the internet would be #blessed with another iconic award show mishap. What could top that? It was a triple-check and a peculiar glance

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Reap rewards of dumpster diving without the stigma

STUDENT LIFE LEFTOVERS ASTOUND AND AMAZE For students looking for a freemium feast that strikes the perfect balance between quality and adventure, look no further than any open space in the Tivoli Monday through Friday on Auraria Campus. The last scraps of catered meals offer