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The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

Season two of Stranger Things was released a month ago. Naturally, I binge-watched it over the break. Its ubiquitous and awesome praise made it impossible to ignore—even if I tried. If you don’t know what Stranger Things is, I’m positive you’re lying. If you really

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

I recently attended a “Queer Faith Panel” hosted by CU Denver’s Women and Gender Center. The panel featured students and staff from the Auraria campus who identify with a queer identity and a faith identity—two things that are often autonomous of each other. Some students

Outlander is multilayered and fascinating

TIME TRAVEL, KILTS, AND WHISKEY KEEPS AUDIENCE ATTENTION Nearly three decades ago, in 1991, Diana Gabaldon wrote the first of eight— soon to be nine—books in the Outlander series. This sweeping, time-traveling epic tells the tale of Scotland’s historical and continued fight for freedom, alongside

Denver Film Festival hosts showcase for student films

CU DENVER STUDENTS RECEIVE RECOGNITION  After nearly 10 years of students submitting films, CU Denver received its own night at the 40th annual Denver Film Festival. It was a request made by the College of Arts and Media when they started sponsoring the festival this

Analyzing Network and its resemblance to news today

HOW A 40-YEAR-OLD FILM PREDICTED THE FUTURE Network, a 1976 film written by Paddy Chayefsky and directed by Sydney Lumet, takes a satirical look at the news industry. The film stars Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway, William Holden and, Robert DuVall. Over the two-hour run time,

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Americana redefines the American experience

EXHIBIT HIGHLIGHTS THE BEAUTY OF DIFFERENCES In late September, Darren Ching curated the photo exhibition Americana at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center. The exhibition features images hand-picked by Ching from photographers around the US. The CPAC’s vast display room now houses roughly 30 photographs that

The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

“Shhh” you whisper to your screaming baby as you watch a stranger force a needle through its untouched, infant earlobes. “Shh,” you whisper again. “At least now no one will think you’re a boy.” You smile to yourself, satisfied by your work. Congratulations. You have

John Green reflects on his mental health struggle

TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN EXPLORES NEW TERRITORY John Green, a popular young adult author, has returned from a five-year hiatus with a new novel, Turtles All The Way Down. After the success of his previous novel, The Fault in Our Stars, Green was launched into

Media’s negative impact in the court room

COURT CASES ARE WRONGFULLY IMPACTED BY MEDIA Though media outlets give the public a better understanding of issues by unravelling facts and navigating convoluted stories, media also poses the threat of influencing situations. This phenomenon is most often seen in documentary films and television series

Second season expands Stranger Things world

HAWKINS HAS NEW RESIDENTS When Stranger Things debuted in 2016, it became an instant hit. Viewers clung to the 80s nostalgia and a rebirth of The Goonies gang. Often times with popular shows, there’s a myth that succeeding seasons can’t possibly surpass the quality of the