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The Minority Report | Ashley Kim

It’s a characteristically cool March night in 2014. My best friends and I are waiting for a table in the cramped waiting area of our favorite Denver eatery, City O’ City. The ambiance is calm yet arrogant—a vibe that 17-year-old me couldn’t get enough of—and

Stop praising Love, Simon

Warning: this review spoils the poorly made film Surrounded by the backdrop of upper-middle-class suburbia and the white people to match, Love, Simon tells the story of Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) who lives a picture perfect and extremely privileged life. He has caring (and at

Ready Player One adds depth to genre

Video game movie genre gains a gem Ready Player One claims that “the limits of reality are your own imagination”—and director Steven Spielberg has a more limitless imagination than most. In Wade Watt’s (Tye Sheridan) 2045, life is so grim that most of humanity has chosen

Netflix adds 30 new anime series

What this means for streaming powerhouse Anime—a popular Japanese cartoon style—seems to be on the rise  as  more people are starting to flock to the genre. Shows like Death Note or Full Metal Alchemist are inciting conversations that people want to be apart of and

TJ Miller adds last minute set to Denver appearance

Comedian shows love for hometown Denver born and raised comedian TJ Miller added a last-minute midnight show at Comedy Works last Thursday. Miller announced on Instagram on Tuesday, March 27, that he would be adding a second show to follow his 10 p.m. set already

The Minority Report | Kim

After a lot of consideration and life-long trauma, I have decided that I will be changing my entire name to Kim. Just Kim. No first, middle, or last name. Just a name—my name. I know this might be confusing to some people, but just trust

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The Simpsons predict everything—ever

THE ONLY SHOW ANYONE ANYWHERE NEEDS The Simpsons is the past, the present, and the future all combined into one compact, thirty-minute segment of primetime video. In fact, The Simpsons is the only show truly worth watching, ever! The show has predicted enormous events such

Recent discovery reveals Kardashian secret

Kardashians likely asexually reproducing The ever-shifting nature of the contemporary social world has caused many a rift among celebrities. Some have managed to rise to the never-before-seen heights of vanity, reaching incredibly broad amounts of people. There is perhaps no greater example of this success

Amazon Echos band together and form army

Rise of machines terrifying users Ever since the Amazon Echo was released in November 2014, people everywhere have installed the voice-controlled device in their homes. The Echo features Amazon’s artificial intelligence called “Alexa,” which responds to users when its name is called. While users have

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Tinder bio receives award

Boulder frat bro wins nobel peace prize The Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to local frat dude, Tanner Smith, from CU Boulder’s Kappa Sigma Delta Chi Omega Psi Beta Pizza Pie chapter, for his powerful and artistically unique contribution to the modern American Tinder