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Walt Disney Studios buys 20th Century Fox

What do film and television students think? “Welcome Home” captioned many posts on Instagram to a picture of the Fantastic Four and X-Men walking through the gates of Disney, when the deal between 21st Century Fox and Disney became complete. After more than a year

The Plot Thickens

Long Live DC Back in 2008, at the dawn of the MCU with Iron Man, DC Comics released The Dark Knight, arguably their finest film. Both movies were incredibly influential in their own ways: Iron Man  for starting the highest grossing (and yes, perhaps most

Brian Barker and the art of apocalyptic whimsy

Disappearing into Vanishing Acts Dr. Brian Barker, one of CU Denver’s English professors, has released a new book, Vanishing Acts, which invites readers to reimagine nature and humanity in a dark, surreal landscape.  Barker wears many hats, creatively speaking. In addition to being an award-winning

Whichcraft bewitches Next Stage Gallery

The art asks “which” materials are used Located in the Performing Arts Complex in Downtown Denver, Whichcraft has taken over the tiny Next Stage Gallery with interesting pieces of work by a trifecta of artists: Melanie Walker, Carol Golemboski, and Mariana Vieira. A play on

Shazam! is 2019’s most fun superhero film

DC continues franchise course correction The DC Extended Universe has always seemed to have some trouble since 2014’s Man of Steel, which found mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. In 2016, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also lost the battle against critical reviews,

The Plot Thickens

Consequence in a Good Way On Wednesday morning, I woke up to a message from my mother. She was concerned for me after reading my column and wanted to assure me that if I felt like I needed to go to therapy, I should. It

99% Invisible is 100% remarkable

Podcast turns the overlooked into the unforgettable When was the last time the gently sloping sidewalks were appreciated for their design to make the world more accessible for the disabled? Or the design of drawn dinosaurs? Or the thought about just how the city of

Heathers the Musical given practically perfect performance

A modern musical with vintage vibes The Equinox Theatre Company is currently performing Heathers the Musical at the Bug Theatre, and it is brilliant. The cast and crew make due with the small but intimate venue fantastically, utilizing every inch of the stage. From wall

Rolling into the 80s at Tivoli Turnhalle

Office of Events and Partnerships hosted skating party As Spring Break ended and the second half of the semester commenced, students were welcomed back with an afternoon full of roller skating, popcorn, soda, colorful sunglasses, and fanny packs.  Rolling into the 80s was a new