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Midsommar, Black Mirror, and more summer hits

Theaters and streaming services haven’t disappointed Fall: school’s approaching, stress is on the rise, yet that doesn’t mean people have to stop binging what’s on streaming services. It’s the perfect time of the year to catch up on the latest movies and TV shows that

A.B.E. Investigations: The Sentry divorce

What happened to the office? Ladies and gentleman, the story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. This is the city: Denver, Colorado. My name is Elmore. I’m a journalist. It’s my job to report to

Best Animated Feature Oscar category doesn’t show enough creativity

Disney-dominated field isn’t diverse Animation’s history with the Oscars is fairly short and, despite the artform’s vibrant nature, somewhat colorless. In the 18 years since the Best Animated Feature’s conception, Disney has heavily commanded the category, setting the precedent for the awarded films to be

Campus-side Elitch Gardens is moving soon

Denver’s river mile redevelopment project After decades of providing fun to young and old in the city of Denver, Elitch Gardens will be moving in the near future. The amusement park has been located off Speer Boulevard since 1994. This news comes soon after the

Staff recommends: lights, camera, action, boo!

The Sentry‘s favorite scary movies It’s that time of year: the leaves are falling, the pumpkins are getting carved, and people are looking for a good scare. With only a week left until Halloween, The Sentry has rounded seven of the best  and most original

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Queer eyes are making straight guys look fly

Netflix original  challenges gender norms by Jeremy Holder and Matthew Kriese It’s difficult to find a show that forces intense self-reflection on its audience. Most shows on Netflix can promise to excite or fright, but few can cause tears to flow freely or laughs to

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Superhero fatigue is a false diagnosis

Long live the blue sky beam By the end of 2018, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have released its 20th film and 11th television series; DC Comics is trying to keep pace with its own arsonal of projects in pre-production. There are no brakes to

Analyzing Network and its resemblance to news today

HOW A 40-YEAR-OLD FILM PREDICTED THE FUTURE Network, a 1976 film written by Paddy Chayefsky and directed by Sydney Lumet, takes a satirical look at the news industry. The film stars Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway, William Holden and, Robert DuVall. Over the two-hour run time,