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DANG it!

DANG Soft Serve Ice Cream is all appearance and no taste.  The flavor variety of the ice cream is limited, their toppings are unlabeled, and the ordering process is tedious and annoying.  The outside aesthetic caters to the influencer crowd that spends more time posing

Fontana Sushi serves beautiful coastal platters

For sushi lovers everywhere, walking into the new Fontana Sushi, which opened in late August of 2018 and is located at the intersection of East 6th Avenue and North Washington Street, is like walking into paradise because of the high-quality fish, beautiful plating, overall cleanliness,

Cookbook of The Sentry

College students often struggle finding time to  cook and enjoy a meal that reminds them of home. These simple recipes can help bring home-cooked meals and desserts to dorms. Spicy Chicken Tacos with Cabbage Slaw Ingredients: 2 medium chicken breasts, each cut into 1-inch cubes

New guinea pig restaurant opens in Denver

Serves the best local guinea pigs The newly opened guinea pig restaurant in Denver is a sad chapter in human history but a great moment for guinea pig culture. Ever since PETA took over the federal government and issued animal-friendly everything, humans in this great

Finding a taste of Cuba in Denver’s expanding dining scene

The best cuban restaurants in Denver county Denver might be frequently facing snowstorms and icy temperatures throughout the winter months, but city residents can still get a taste of the tropics via Denver’s selection of the increasingly popular Cuban cafes and restaurants. Cuba Cuba Café

Safta combines traditional and hipster

New Israeli restaurant stuns One might expect Safta, a new Israeli restaurant in RiNo, to be traditional the way many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants tend to be, with featured regional décor and artwork. Safta’s website describes the restaurant as having influences from the Middle

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Ramen proves to be best

Uncle ramen is a Denver must-have It is damn near impossible to find what makes the Denver food culture pop in one restaurant. But, Uncle, located on 2215 West 32nd Avenue deep in the Highlands, is the pinnacle of Denver culinary experiences, period. Every aspect

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Shake Shack arrives in Denver

Chain shakes things up in RiNo neighborhood Shake Shack opened its first location in Denver on March 21. Danny Meyer founded the restaurant in 2004 in New York, and the burger chain has been steadily rising in popularity with 136 locations all around the world.