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Award Nominees // Hidden Figures

One person can make all the difference. In the film Hidden Figures, that theme  of genuine inspiration shows how that difference can be as big as making it into space alive or not. Hidden Figures celebrates some of the people who made it possible for

On Screen // Moonlight

After a couple years of the #oscarssowhite and the ongoing debate about representation in Hollywood, the Academy Awards at last offered a list of nominations complete with movies made and acted by people of color. Among that list includes director Barry Jenkins’ masterpiece, Moonlight, a

On Screen // La La Land

In a year flush with exemplary filmmaking, La La Land and Moonlight are the two entries poised to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards—but La La Land’s record-setting 14 nominations and status as a fan favorite would make its loss an unprecedented upset. Emma

A Series of Unfortunate Events is bleak bliss

AN ADAPTION WORTHY OF ITS SOURCE MATERIAL Look away: A Series of Unfortunate Events has finally debuted on Netflix, and it’s as delightfully grim as it promised to be. Fans left hanging by the troubling 2004 attempt to adapt the popular 13 book series are

Quick look: Moana

How far will you go? That’s the sentiment behind Disney’s latest box office animated hit, Moana, which surfed into theaters this past November and scored the nomination for Best Animated Picture at the Academy Awards. For years, Disney’s animated films have to been subject to

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QUICK LOOK: Manchester by the Sea

Treading blindly through upended emotions of remorse and apathy, Manchester by the Sea—a movie written and directed by the psycho-analytical maestro, Kenneth Lonergan—wades the viewer through puddles of the uncomfortable and unpredictable stages of grief and forgiveness. While it might be cliché, the picture brutally

Sherlock Crashes and Burns In Its Finale

THE GAME IS FINALLY OVER Holmes is back and worse than ever; in a shocking twist of events, the popular BBC show Sherlock has released its fourth—and possibly final—season, and has absolutely tanked in quality. Sherlock is a present-day take on the classic Sherlock Holmes

Award Nominees // Silence & Hell or High Water

SILENCE  Jun Lee Silence is an incredible work of art: in addition to its gorgeous cinematography and excellent acting, it’s the type of sensory experience that stays with an audience long after it’s over by presenting philosophical questions and ideas for the moviegoers to piece

Terror of Tokyo Returns With Shin Godzilla

AN AUTHENTIC REVIVAL For the 31st film in the Godzilla franchise, and the last film since 2004, Toho Studios has decided to reboot the classic series with a look back to the monster’s origins. Released in Japan on July 29, 2016, and with a run

Star Wars versus Star Trek

TREK: A TECHNOLOGICAL TERROR It’s never been a contest between Star Trek and Star Wars. Not really. Trekkies have always had it out for the legions of Star Wars fans partly because of the latter’s spectacular success. (That’s actual legions, by the way: hand-crafted Stormtrooper