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McDonald’s cuisine five minutes before store closes

STALE BLISS “We close in five minutes,” the McDonald’s cashier greeted the Sentry as our reporters arrived for a long overdue profile on the Tivoli staple. Perfect. Just in time. The employees were so focused on their work that they retrieved the large order from

Bus stops in Denver: kinda OK

HOME TO PIGEONS AND PEOPLE ALIKE The RTD bus system serves as a part-time home for the many people who spend endless hours of their lives waiting for buses that never arrive on time. Luckily, though their scheduling is flaky at best, RTD provides welcoming

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Local art entrepreneurs profiled by CU Denver Live!

STUDENTS ENCOURAGED TO PURSUE DREAMS Many individuals have the dream of being their own boss and setting their own hours, and the students at CU Denver Live! put together a panel of local entrepreneurs to show CU Denver students that this goal is certainly attainable.

Frozen in time: ice cream shop disguises speakeasy

FROZEN MATTER’S SECRET ROOM A city can never have too many ice cream shops—or bars. Ice cream is at the heart of social happenings from first dates to birthdays to hot summer nights, but never before has the city of  Denver seen a place like Frozen

Sloth Weekend creates a frenzy of cuteness

DENVER AQUARIUM PUTS ASPEN THE SLOTH ON DISPLAY According to their rise in popularity by way of viral internet memes, sloths seem to be irresistibly adorable, so it was not surprising to see a long line of sloth lovers wrapping around the Denver Aquarium. On

Style and convenience mark new clothing model

JACKTHREADS REDEFINES ONLINE SHOPPING Who has time to shop anymore? In the midst of a busy semester, finding quality time to spend at the mall is often squished by work, homework, and other life responsibilities. As an alternative, new online platforms seek to unravel this

Chaos and Cream rolls out Thailand treats

FROZEN ART AT THE SOURCE Some say that baseball is America’s favorite past time, but the consumption of creamy, frozen delights is more universal—eating ice cream is a traditional activity no lactose-loving American can dislike. Ice  cream connoisseurs’ appreciation for up-and-coming or secret shops around

Arcade’s retro aesthetic infuses modern flare

FTW DEBUTS DOWNTOWN Nostalgic adults in need of a video game fix can find their favorite classics reimagined perched on the third floor of the Denver Pavilions in FTW Arcade. FTW Denver, short for “For the Win,” puts a modern day spin on the classic

Bubu Puts Fresh Flavor First

DENVER’S FRESH REVOLUTION The “Fresh Revolution” is happening right in the heart of Denver at a little place called Bubu. Located underground in the Walkway in Larimer Square, Bubu’s customers can witness owner and chef  Troy Guard’s mission to bring the Fresh Revolution to Denver