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Writer discusses marijuana, travel, and Trump

INTERVIEW WITH BART SCHANEMAN Longing for a place of discovery and encounters with self-realization are the tools Bart Schaneman uses to guide his audience in his latest book Someplace Else: On Wanderlust, Expatriate Life, & the Call of the Wild. Consisting of essays and poems,

MCA innovates with youthful installations

  GRAND OPENING, GRANDER ART On Feb. 10, a warm Saturday night, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver opened its newly graffiti-covered doors to the grand opening of three exhibits of counter culture art, each taking its place on one of the museum’s three

Author at the Alamo: Isaac Marion visits Denver

SHARES VISION BEHIND WARM BODIES The Alamo Drafthouse, located in Littleton hosts several different cinematic events throughout the calendar year. From showings of cult classics to theme night, there are a plethora of events to attend on Friday nights. On Friday, Feb. 10, the theater

Denver ranks high on list of prime college towns

HIGHER STANDARDS DROP BOULDER Two Colorado towns that are resident award recipients of Best College Towns took a rankings-dive this last year—and Denver is on the rise. Boulder and Fort Collins have been staples in the “Best of” lists for  multiple years. According to Westword,

Art tests boundaries of religious paradigms

HOLY MOLY SHINES AT NIZA KNOLL The Niza Knoll Gallery, located in the Santa Fe Arts District, houses some of Denver’s most contemporary art exhibits in its Victorian building. The current exhibit, which ended on Jan. 28, is a creative blend between religion and “out

Election Marks New Era of American art

MAKING ART POLITICAL AGAIN From telling bros to back off vaginas to the first pro-Trump exhibit, the 2016 political election didn’t cease to inspire artists. This election spurred several controversies throughout the nation as divided beliefs were exhibited through artistic expression. We saw conceptual artist

The Denver Flea Returns With Holiday Flair

SPORTS CASTLES HOSTS OPEN MARKET Thousands of people gathered for The Denver Flea’s Holiday Flea the weekend of Dec. 2. The Denver Flea is in its 11th year of production and brings a carefully curated list of Colorado small business owners face-to-face with eager small

Arada: A Gem of Transplanted Cuisine

COMBINES SPICE, FINGER FOOD Tucked away in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District, Arada Ethiopian Restaurant offers a tasty experience that combines East African flavor with America’s favorite eating utensils: fingers. Arada was labeled Westword’s “Best African Restaurant” back in 2008 and has

Master Carver Teaches Art Of Victorian Pumpkins

FAMILY-OWNED ENTERPRISE Pumpkin carving has become one of mainstream society’s primary rituals to celebrate Halloween. Every year, people get together with their friends and family and see who will be the first to break the carving knives that came with the Target template book. While

MCA’s Art Mart Hosts Up-And-Coming Local Artists

GRAND BAAZAR LIKE- VENUE FOR VENDORS When walking up the industrial ramp to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver entrance on Sept. 10, there were no lines; the space appeared quiet and uninhabited. After making the way down the steps to the first floor, the