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King Falls AM is a podcast meant for people who love conspiracies

A mix between Gravity Falls and Welcome to Night Vale, with better insults  The sleepy town of King Falls is a place where anything can happen. Where rainbow lights abduct locals to apparitions of Abraham Lincoln residing in a library to shadow demons calling into the local AM radio station, something odd is bound to happen. Hosted

Amid the board game Renaissance

Taverns earns a spot among the best The Taverns of Tiefenthal is the latest tabletop board game release from designer Wolfgang Warsch and publisher North Star Games, the geniuses behind last year’s hit The Quacks of Quedlinburg. Both games share mechanics but between the two, Taverns is the game to own.

Finding local freelance jobs to help kickstart a dream career

Tips for working towards a dream job before (and after) graduating    “What do you plan on doing after you graduate college?”  This one question has sent college students’ stress levels sky high since the inception of the public university system. With a hyper–competitive job market, quick job turnover, and

Home sweet home

List of fun home activities to do over spring break   With the recent developments of Covid-19, it might be difficult to find activities to do for spring break that keep the spread of the virus contained. Most restaurants and other places where large groups of people gather, such as museums, will be closed

Words from a wallflower

Coming Together In the midst of adapting to the “new normal” with the pandemic, both as a student and simply as a human being, I have been reading a book with a message that resonates with me—especially during a time like this.    The Day the World Came to Town tells the story

mmm…COFFEE! Paleo Bistro for the mind, body, and soul

  Tucked away in a community building on Santa Fe sits a homey shop that elicits a similar cathartic experience to that of Anton Ego’s at the end of Ratatouille. Like setting foot into many coffee shops, there are the hisses and clanks of espresso

Words from a wallflower

My mom recently asked me for ideas for graduation gifts. I told her that I only had one in mind—Peach. That’s the name I’ve picked for the English Bulldog that my mom has promised me for college graduation since I was a little girl.  When

The Invisible Man is best left unseen

The Invisible Man makes a valiant attempt to tell a story about the effects of abusive relationships, but it comes up short in the process due to its lack of a clear focus. Plainly put, the film is kind of a letdown.   The film

Reflections and Ruminations at Museum of Outdoor Arts

Reflections and Ruminations at the Museum of Outdoor Arts presents one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of artwork by Robert Rauschenberg since his death in 2008.   Commonly associated with the Pop Art movement, Rauschenberg gained recognition in New York City collaborating with the likes

The Refinery refines the bar experience

    Energetic atmosphere with mixed drinks creates a friendly hangout spot Walking into The Refinery Bar and Lounge located in LoDo on Blake Street is like walking into a saloon in an old western movie from the 50s. Open from 4 p.m. to 2