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The Best-Best Picture Breakdown

An Analysis of Oscar-Worthy Movies On April 25, a movie-going year characterized by disruption will be capped by an industry mainstay: the Oscars. While there is sure to be social distancing, masking, and Zoom calls, the ceremony itself is yet another wonderful step toward normalcy.

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The Gay ‘90s

Four romantic comedies that are bursting with rainbows When a homosexual couple or any member of the LGBTQ+ community sits down to watch a movie that reflects themselves, they must wade through a sea of tragic stories to find something lighthearted.  Much of this community’s

Paperbacks from Hell are Devilishly Entertaining

As a culture, America loves to look back at the ‘80s through rose-colored glasses. Even divisive elements like Ronald Reagan and Cold War paranoia are often thought back on fondly by pop culture, as elements of a patriotic, simpler time. Films and television shows like

I Care A Lot is a Lot in the Perfect Way

Standout performances make it a perfect watch       Fans of dark comedy will be thoroughly impressed with J Blakeson’s most recent film, I Care A Lot, which merges the genre with that of an action thriller. The movie first premiered on the festival

How Recreative Denver is Making Art More Accessible

The art center and store champions creativity “It’s a little something for everybody” according to Chris Scott, co-founder of ReCreative Denver. His description couldn’t be more accurate. The non-profit provides everything from studio space to a community woodshop, but the focal mission of ReCreative is

Among us: Tasks, Space, and Murder

A guide to cordial deception In general, lying is one of those things that is looked down upon by general society. Lying, so people say, is “bad.” It’s “immoral.” If someone does it in court or under penalty of law and the government finds out,

Euphoria’s Pandemic Specials Take Bold Risks

But risks don’t always pay off BHBO’s Euphoria is a hard television show to watch. This isn’t because it’s poorly made or a bad piece of content, but rather due to its impressive quality. It’s not just hard to watch but intentionally so, and to

Understand Wall Street Shenanigans with The Big Short

Captivated by the recent GameStop short squeeze story? In awe of the absurdity of  Wall Street and the finance industry altogether? Isn’t there a tangible feeling of tension from a bunch of people who make money just by having money to make money with? Like,

After Seven Years, Attack on Titan’s Final Season Debuts

More than just Blood and Gore Anime became a staple in today’s modern age of television across the globe. From fan favorites like Death Note, Naruto, and My Hero Academia, anime is an exceptional global phenomenon due to its point of storytelling, character development, and