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Sweeney Todd at The Bug Theater

Ever since it premiered in 1979, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street has been a classic among the musical theater community, with countless performances each year, including an Off-Broadway revival that was in performance as recently as February 2018. Now, Denver’s Equinox Theater

Behind the scenes look at 13th Floor Denver

Lights dance across thick fog. The corridors cause disorientation and fear. Screams are heard in the distance. This is 13th Floor Haunted House. The haunted house, open until Nov. 9, is well worth the price of admission from $20 and up. Terrifying clowns patrol the

The forbidden knowledge of banned books

Banned books have the power  to teach readers, especially young readers, valuable lessons. Sometimes, however, their content is deemed inappropriate for malleable minds, but, even then, it’s important for children to experience these pieces of literature. Beloved by Toni Morrison. This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel has

Words from a wallflower

There’s a scene in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (the movie that inspired my column title) where a character named Patrick holds up a graded rubric with a mediocre grade on it while letting out a deafening howl. He shouts, “C minus, ladies and

Launch party celebrated debut of Culture Klatsch

The CU Denver English Department debuted the podcast Culture Klatsch earlier this semester, which discusses contemporary culture. To introduce the podcast to the wider student body, the English Department hosted a launch party roundtable discussion on the first episode on Sept. 26 in the Zenith

The two sides to Borderlands 3

Opinion by Alex Stallsworth A culmination of characters, blood, guns, and explosions rip the world video game market once more with the fascinating adventures of vault hunters on Pandora. The fifth game in the Borderlands realm arrived Sept. 13. Plot twists drive the vault hunter

DANG it!

DANG Soft Serve Ice Cream is all appearance and no taste.  The flavor variety of the ice cream is limited, their toppings are unlabeled, and the ordering process is tedious and annoying.  The outside aesthetic caters to the influencer crowd that spends more time posing

Words from a wallflower

…and they were roommates When I was dropped off at college, I had an overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do. For 18 years I had lived at home with the same people. Then I was tossed into this entirely new world without them

Words from a wallflower

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a column that ended with taking time for yourself when life gets tough. Initially, I didn’t say what happened because I wasn’t ready. Now I am. My relationship of five years ended.  The breakup itself wasn’t abrupt. Things had been

Fontana Sushi serves beautiful coastal platters

For sushi lovers everywhere, walking into the new Fontana Sushi, which opened in late August of 2018 and is located at the intersection of East 6th Avenue and North Washington Street, is like walking into paradise because of the high-quality fish, beautiful plating, overall cleanliness,