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Indian Student Alliance celebrates Holi Festival on campus

The Festival of Colors comes to Auraria On April 19, the Indian Student Association at CU Denver marked the beginning of spring with the Holi celebration, an event as colorful in its traditional history as it is literally. All across the Tivoli quad, explosive bursts

Earth Week festival teaches students sustainable practices

Campus embraces the environment Spring has finally emerged on Auraria, inviting students outside to enjoy the sunshine and flowers blooming all over campus. The Earth Week Festival, which ran on April 24 and 25, couldn’t have come at a better time. What better way to

The working class goes up in flames in Sweat

Play explores 2008 financial crisis Tracy (Tara Falk) has been working at Olstead’s only a few years more than Cynthia (Cycerli Ash), but that has never hindered the fact that the two of them, along with co-worker Jessie (Leslie Kalarchian), are inseparable. They spend their

The Plot Thickens

Endless Summer A week from today, I will wake up in my new apartment, one I’m renting with my best friend. I won’t have school that day, and in theory, I will be done for the semester. Summer will have started. My plans for this

Review: Avengers: Endgame is a fitting send off

Marvel’s grand finale, Avengers: Endgame, is an ode to triumph, in finishing the 11-year story that started in 2008 with the original Iron Man. How does one cope with extreme loss and guilt? Avengers: Endgame dives deep into telling the story of how the remaining

CU Sculpture Club does iron pour

A hands-on training for arts students Tucked in a corner, past the bridge that connects the Arts Building and West Classroom, orange molten iron was flowing from a three-legged industrial furnace that was standing on a bed of sand, surrounded by art majors, alumni, and

Nature and Science Museum exhibit embodies Our Senses

Installation unveils the human experience Organized by the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Our Senses made its Denver debut on April 12 at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The museum’s website describes Our Senses as “an exhibition for the whole

The Plot Thickens

Table of Contents If I think hard enough about it, I’m pretty sure I could map out my life in books. Even though I rarely talk about literature, there are several novels I could line up that would trace my progression throughout life. Back in

Tie dye to not drive high

Campus event promotes safety on 4/20 Tie Dye to Not Drive High goes beyond just a catchy name. On Thursday, April 18, the Student Wellness Center hosted the tie-dying event outside in the courtyard between the Wellness Center and the Student Commons, promoting safety for

Now entering: The Twilight Zone

Remake misses the mark Remakes and reimaginings of classic films and television shows have become a norm in today’s entertainment industry. There is no surefire rulebook to make these remakes succeed, even if the original material is well-loved by fans. In 2017, when it was