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Harassment is not a compliment

Last week, I was in Texas visiting a potential graduate school program. In between meetings with faculty and drinks with students, I found time for my favorite traveling hobby: walking. I walked across Texas State’s sprawling campus for half an hour before finding its borders,

Love us? Hate us? Tell us.

I once changed my major because I was terrified of taking one class: poetry workshop. It was the last requirement I needed to complete the creative writing track of my English degree, but because I kept having traumatic flashbacks to my high school poetry (which featured

The history of us

As someone who experiences anxiety with a physical regularity that is normally reserved for breathing and blinking, I don’t sleep much on Tuesdays. Producing an issue of the Sentry can keep us in the office as late as 4 a.m., but even after that, words

The art of baptism

Lady Bird energized many weary tropes in its compressed 90-minute run time, but its most ambitious revitalization was that of the lapsed Catholic. Saoirse Ronan’s titular character moves through her private Catholic school with silent secularism—her attendance there isn’t a religious statement one way or

We need to redefine what it means to “do your best”

Like many of you, we here at the Sentry have been through a lot this year. We’ve stayed in the office until 2 a.m. dealing with broken printers, last-minute design changes, and articles that missed deadline; we’ve celebrated weddings and mourned deaths; we’ve travelled across

America’s white supremacy problem

“When Donald Trump is saying he wants to make America great again, he’s not talking to me,” Mayor Michael Hancock said to a crowd gathered in the Tivoli Turnhalle. “He’s not saying, ‘Hey, Michael, want to help me out with this?’” He didn’t need to

From the Editor | Taylor Kirby

One year ago, we elected a new president Nov. 4, 2016. I was representing the Sentry at President Bill Clinton’s surrogate rally for Secretary Hillary Clinton. My former Managing Editor and I spoke with other members of the press, discussed the templates we’d already drawn

From the Editor | Taylor Kirby

FAKE NEWS Immediately after sending this issue of the Sentry to the printer, three other editors and I are heading home to pack our bags for the National College Media Convention in Dallas, Texas (or, more likely, they’ll be going home to sleep and I’ll

From the Editor | Taylor Kirby

ME TOO On Oct. 14, actress Alyssa Milano posted the following tweet: “If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.” She quickly followed that