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The High Cost Of Trendy Neighborhoods

RINO ART DISTRICT LOSING GALLERIES Denver is a booming city. According to the US Census Bureau, between 2014 and 2015 the population increased by 18,582 people. This means that Denver is one of the most popular places to move to in the nation. Thanks in

Service Dogs and Handlers Need Respect

YOU WOULDN’T PET A WHEELCHAIR Dogs are great. There are reasons they’ve been dubbed man’s best friend: they’re cute, ridiculous, steadfast, and dependable. They love unconditionally, and people love them too. There has even been a game created on social media— Dogspotting—to let people know

Students Are Not Single-Issue Voters

STOP YOUR POLITICAL PANDERING Politicians are desperately trying to connect with the college voter demographic, and their platforms have inevitably revolved around student loans and tuition costs. On Aug. 12, 2015, Hillary Clinton’s official Twitter page tweeted out “How does your student loan debt make

To Sit Or Not To Sit, That Is The Question

COLIN KAEPERNICK MAKES HIS CHOICE Football season has begun, and that means the coming months will be filled with Fantasy Football Leagues, Sunday Night football, and even controversy, which Colin Kaepernick has already got a head start on. Kaepernick, the starting quarterback for the San

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No Trump: Why Hillary Must Win

THIS ELECTION IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS Donald Trump’s presidential campaign style has often mirrored his approach to hosting the reality show “The Apprentice:” blunt, caustic, and unable to refrain from degrading insults. Trump’s attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, parents of an Army captain

Cutthroat Academics Never Beneficial

STUDENT COMPETITION IN A NEW FORM “ Am I good enough?” “Did everybody get a better grade than me?” These are the constant phrases thrown between pre-health students at CU Denver. Although these statements may seem like empty complaints, they have become an invitation for

Beloved Harry Potter returns. Sort of.

CURSED CHILD BEGS QUESTION: ARE YOU SIRIUS? A new Pokemon game has been released, the Clintons are trying to re-enter in the White House, and another addition has been made to the Harry Potter series. This year appears to be a revival of the 90s,

Women vs. women a dangerous affair

CELEBRITY DRAMA PERFECT FOR SEXISM      Welcome to 2016, the year where the US desperately needs to get a grip. There has been an abundance of tragedy since January, from the uprising of a dangerous demagogue to an alarming increase of terrorist attacks worldwide.

Wages Gap US National Soccer Teams

WOMEN MAKE MARGINALLY LESS The United States women’s national soccer team is nearing their one-year anniversary of winning the World Cup Soccer Championship. After exhibiting immense athleticism and nationalism for the US and inspiring women around the world, a fair payment for each player would

Campus Events Are Worth the Time

LOW-ATTENDANCE EVENTS A WASTE CU Denver students don’t attend enough events on campus. Every week, a number of events, small and large, are put on by different campus student organizations, including the Student Government Association, the Office of Student Life, the Career Center, and even