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Plastic straws are not the problem, capitalism is

Greed is a major cause of climate change In 2018, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change announced that the world has twelve years until it reaches the point of no return regarding climate change. Since then, activists and Facebook moms alike have been

Reframing gun violence in a new light

Mental health needs to be address to combat this crisis It is an unfortunate reality that mass shootings in the United States no longer really affect people. News stories run for a day or two, and then people move on to the next massacre. Meanwhile,

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Animals should not be punished for human actions

Humans should respect wildlife habitat and preserves rules The summer months often bring road trips exploring wild and far out places. But along with that often comes the endless outpour of news articles relating to wildlife attacking humans in various habitats around the country. In

Zoos, aquariums, and circuses should be illegal

They continue to perpetuate violence against animals Animals are fascinating creatures, and humans are aware of that—as evident from the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and even documentaries like Blue Planet streaming on Netflix. For some reason, the observation of animals in their natural habitats has

Financial aid should be based on student income alone

Keep the parents out of it As college tuition costs continue to rise, more students now rely on government financial aid to fund their education. While some students do benefit from financial aid, many are let down by the program. Why? Financial aid awards are

People are slaves to the modern workforce

A man is only worth his weight in labor The Industrial Revolution, which occurred between the late 18th and early 19th centuries, changed the face of labor forever. Large corporations were able to use technology in place of workers that not only cut their workforces

Get rid of the negativity in your life!

Block your professors on Canvas The never-ending list of notifications from Canvas disappoints students when they reach for their phone hoping to find a text from their latest crush only to find they have a reminder for the due date of their paper that they

Greek life does not belong at CU Denver

It continues to perpetuate racism, sexual assault, and elitism According to the CU Denver Greek Life Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Statement, “Encouraging a culture of empathy and inclusion, members of social Greek letter organizations are required to participate in a comprehensive leadership development curriculum

Gender-neutral pronouns are always correct

Only cowards don’t use they/them in the singular  Pronouns are a funny thing, and everyone seems to either have a hard time understanding how important they are or have some sort of heated opinion on it. Unfortunately, some hold the position that they/them pronouns can’t

Disney should stop making live-action remakes 

They should produce more original content  With the recent release of the Dumbo and Aladdin trailers, and with Mulan in the works, it is evident that Disney’s live-action remakes are in full bore. While these upcoming remakes, and those that have already been released, entertain younger generations,