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Decision to ban speech on Auraria seems ill-conceived

STUDENTS FACE SILENCE In an effort to prevent offense on one of Colorado’s most diverse campuses, Auraria has banned speech in all its forms. It has been difficult to gauge how students feel about the new policy in the weeks since its enactment because the

Good Weather is Global Warming

Colorado’s climate is notorious for being temperamental and unpredictable, especially in the winter. Coloradans can see blizzard conditions during their morning commute and by lunchtime be sitting on a restaurant patio soaking up the sun. Recently Coloradans have seen a mixture of these weather conditions,

Academic laziness is not a feat

WORKING HARD IS SUPER COOL  Bragging has always had its place in the classroom, despite how unfortunate and unbecoming it is. From students fighting one-upping wars on busyness and stress to professors smearing the accomplishments of their youth, there’s nothing quite as tiring as hearing

Stop pretending to be an economist

IT’S NOT THE ECONOMY STUPID A  friend of mine once said, “You know what the problem is with being an economist? Everyone has an opinion about the economy, but no one goes up to a geologist and says, ‘Igneous rocks are hogwash.’” A specter is

Award shows: tone down the politics

TAKE TIME TO CELEBRATE THE ARTS Everyone has a voice, and everyone wants to have it heard. However, there is a time and place for expressing certain feelings. Award shows, such as the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards, are a time to celebrate the

A helpful guide to dating in 2017

THE DATING GAME HAS CHANGED Dating is not what it used to be. The younger generations are ditching antiquated ways of courting their potential partner through the use of sending notes and landline phone calls. They are seeking love in untraditional ways, found in the

Trump’s assault on the media continues

WOUNDING AMERICAN FREEDOM “The media should keep its mouth shut,” White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon said on Jan. 26. In the vein of Jake Tapper, the Sentry responds, “No.” Bannon’s comments rounded out yet another week of the Trump Administration trying to frame the

Yoga Can’t And Won’t Cure Diabetes

The CHRONICALLY ILL CAN’T JUST CURE THEMSELVES When people complain, they rarely wish for advice in return. Complaining is cathartic; it’s not always a cry for help. So when people who have disabilities complain about their pain or limitations, they aren’t searching for solutions—especially the completely ineffective ones

The World Is Going To Be Fine In 2017

2016 WAS BAD, BUT IT GETS BETTER The world rang in Jan. 1, 2017 with a shared sense of despair. 2016, most agree, was the Worst Year Ever™. New Year’s Eve was celebrated by many not as a time of new beginnings, but as the end

Teaching for the Test: Lazy and Unhelpful

FOCUS ON KNOWLEDGE College is about learning. It is about obtaining knowledge and experience to improve life personally and professionally. A class should enlighten and engage a student and better prepare them for the world ahead. Unfortunately, though, classes are too often just seen as