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Don’t pressure people to be vegan

It’s exclusionary and rude In his Oscar acceptance speech, Joaquin Phoenix preached about veganism. At a Bernie Sanders rally in Nevada, vegan activists stole the mic and poured pink liquid on themselves—all in the name of being cruelty free and morally just.   Whether for

Sexual assault is always sexual assault

Gender has no effect on the impact of assault There is a disturbing trend in American society that says only women can be the victims of sexual assault. The myth has been perpetuated so thoroughly by Hollywood that it has now invaded every aspect of

CU Denver lacks a journalism program, and that’s a problem

the program is more relevant than ever before Universities of the United States have a problem: the death of the “working-class” journalist in America seems to have prompted, concurrently, the loss of journalism programs in American universities. Seeing as reliable journalism is so integral to

Grieving shouldn’t mean idolization

It’s important to recognize kobe bryant’s mistakes too On January 26, the world lost an all-star athlete. A father. A mentor. And an alleged rapist.   In 2003, basketball legend Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a 19- year old girl in a Colorado ski

Stop using the phrase “wife me up”

there’s more to a relationship than fettucine alfredo There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get married and live a happy life with a partner. However, the “pick me!” energy that the phrase “wife me up” gives off is tired and decrepit. It’s a

An Open Letter to Streaming Services

Please stop multiplying Dear entertainment industry, please stop. Consumers enjoy binge-watching television shows on a regular basis, this is true, but stop releasing new streaming services.  Is there really such a demand for Lifetime movies that there needs to be a streaming service for it?

Shaming people for using single-use plastics is counterproductive

going green isn’t a competition In the era of cancel culture, reusable straws, and Greta Thunberg, people are more hyper-aware of their carbon footprint than ever. Mass-produced, reusable alternatives to single-use plastics have flooded the market, from metal straws to reusable sandwich bags. The market

Be vigilant of how public companies spend their profits

don’t support companies with questionable morals On Oct. 10, Reuters reported, “Uganda announced plans on Thursday for a bill that would impose the death penalty on homosexuals, saying the legislation would curb a rise in unnatural sex in the east African nation.  The bill—colloquially known

Don’t talk about someone’s mental health without their consent

respect others’ vulnerability Up until recent years, nobody wanted to discuss mental health. Now, the world is (thankfully) more attuned to treating mental health with the seriousness it deserves. Conversations about mental health struggles have swung from being avoided to being encouraged.  But now, the

Hocus Pocus is the best children’s halloween film

It’s tragically underrated and overlooked Once the time of spooky season is upon the human race, it’s always about the scares, the treats, and the occasional argument on whether The Nightmare Before Christmas should be watched now or later because it is the “supreme” movie of the season.