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The Decorous, the Deceitful, and the Derailed

2020 debates reflect the year. The unanimous viewer response to the debates thus far—disastrous. It seems to suit a year marked by a global pandemic, record-breaking natural disasters, and devastating unemployment rates all while the man at the helm writes off more money for his

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Donald Trump relies on propaganda for support

Utilizing “Fake News”  Even before he made that slow, ominous descent down an escalator in 2015 to announce his running for president, Donald Trump began mastering the art of propaganda. As a businessman, he assembled a cult of personality around himself through relationships with David

Homosexuality Is Not A Character Trait

How Ratched Missed the Point Ryan Murphy and Sarah Paulson are horror television’s less-talented version of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  So when Netflix announced that Murphy would be creating a show centered on one of literature’s most vile villains, Nurse Mildred Ratched from the

Stop shaming people for not immediately responding

stop expecting everyone to drop everything for emails Nowadays, 99% of the world’s communication is contained to cell phones. All day, buzz buzz buzz: emails, texts, phone calls, Zoom calls. Despite a global pandemic, the world is more connected than ever with the rise of

The 2020 election could be life or death for some.

Democracy in the US is in jeopardy For many, the United States of America is a place of opportunity to make a better life for themselves. “The American Dream” has time and time again inspired people around the globe and brought them to Lady Liberty

Standard testing doesn’t measure real skills

Standardized Exams Should Be Abolished Every year, high school juniors and seniors trudge into some gymnasium, number-2 pencils in hand, to take exams that decide their futures. The SAT and the ACT are cornerstones of the college application process. Except for this year, many colleges

Stop using the phrase “Dad Bod”

Stop giving different body types nicknames. Oh, the dad bod. What comes to mind when reading these words? In American popular culture, the phrase “dad body,” or shortened to “dad bod,” refers to a body shape common in middle-aged men. Think no more six-pack and

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Put down the weights and learn to wait

Gyms aren’t essential If there was ever a time to skip leg day, a world-wide pandemic is probably the best time to do so. As the number of gyms that have decided to open their doors up to eager patrons wanting to get back to

How to make an academic comeback

steps to take towards success When one first gets to college, one may feel confident about conquering their coursework. But what happens when one fails to meet their own expectations? And what happens if one actually fails a class? Evaluate why the downfall came about.

Dropping a class shouldn’t drop students’ confidence

withdrawing can be a sign of growth As the days draw closer to the Fall Semester, many new students have begun to plan out schedules and pathways that consist of many classes and credits while looking forward to their first semester. While support through this