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Attendance: Yes or No?

SERIOUSLY GO TO CLASS Over a month into the semester, Auraria’s once full-to-bursting classrooms have been noticeably thinned out. Campus veterans know better than to assume half of their peers have simply dropped courses and left academia behind them—in the near future, many of these

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iPhones at Concerts: Yes or No?

A MEMORY IS A MEMORY A memory is a memory no matter how small. While a similar saying can be heard from Horton Hears a Who, it is not any person’s place to judge another for how they remember a momentous event. Whether the iPhone

Should Advisors Suggest Major Changes: Yes or No?

Advisors tend to know best. Sometimes students pick the wrong majors for themselves the first time around, and advisors are the professionals there to help.Deciding what to study isn’t always an easy choice to make, and it doesn’t always go smoothly when the decision is

Is the Degree Worth It: Yes or No?

Rolling up to the end of four long years of sleepless nights and grueling tests, it can be a scary thing to ask the question, “Was it worth it?” Luckily, the answer is yes. A college degree is not an easy nor inexpensive thing to

Confronting Catcallers: Yes or No?

It can be difficult for many women to feel safe walking in the streets. Precautions such as changing the way one dresses or avoiding walking in certain areas are practiced by some women, all to avoid being harassed.A misunderstanding some catcallers claim to have is

Traveling Abroad: Yes or No?

Few things are as life-changing, terrifying, or teaching than living on the fringes of your comfort zone thousands of miles from your home. Traveling serves many purposes that enrich individuals’ lives, particularly study abroad programs.During college, there is a unique opportunity to travel in a

Arguing Politics on Facebook: Yes or No?

Openly discussing political opinion was once considered taboo. Now, thanks to Facebook and other social media networks, such heavy-hitting subjects are as public as they are uninhibited, and activism is all the better for it.Though watching people misspell their way through a racist rant that

Celebrating the Death of an Enemy: Yes or No?

Every person is a complex human being. We all have feelings, thoughts, families, friends, childhoods, beliefs, and everything else that every other person experiences. Even if someone is controversial, that does not mean their death should lack respect. They couldn’t see past their own opinions.

Empowerment through Sexuality: Yes or No?

The idea that women should should find empowerment in her sexuality has become so trite and flawed in current American culture that the words “female sexual empowerment” have completely lost all meaning. That kind of power isn’t all that positive. When you think of women