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Will anyone read this: yes or no?

Nope not a single reader anymore Generally, people don’t read anymore for many reasons. No one understands the Constitution when they read it, no one cares what Apple’s Terms and Conditions have to say, and everyone already heard the abridged version of the Bible. Why

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Metric System// yes or no

WHY CHANGE WHAT WORKS // Matt Kriese The United States of America is perhaps the only nation on the planet that possesses a system of measurement that supports our own conception of exceptionalism. It doesn’t need to go any where.  In the eyes of many

Road Rage: Yes or No?

BREATHE, DRIVE, LET IT GO  // Tessa Blair Driving anywhere can be stressful. Traffic can slow down a commute to a standstill, people in a hurry cut off cars freely, and road construction makes people late. However, no matter the circumstance, road rage is never the

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Point/ Counterpoint: Slacktivism

SLACKITIVISM IS NECCESARY // Gem Sheps Although protesting is a right under the First Amendment of the US Constitution, the ability to protest is a privilege. The current political climate of the US has led to an increase in protests around the nation and the

Professors swearing in class: yes or no?

KEEP IT CLASSY IN THE CLASSROOM Learning is a privilege that is so often forgotten by those attending college. In such a space, it’s paramount for those present to be respectful. Namely professors with their languages. The opportunity to be in a classroom surrounded by

Denver’s Population Boom // Yes or No?

THE MORE THE MERRIER Denver was considered number one on the list of best cities in the United States, according to US News & World Report, which makes sense since the weather, the culture, and the mountains can easily seduce anyone seeking a new place

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Buying Textbooks // Yes or No?

IT ENHANCES LEARNING Textbooks have been accompanying students since their original establishment in the 18th century. Their value has stood the test of time: they make a difference.   Textbooks, like Webster’s Grammatical Institute of the English Language, were then meant to guide people into

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New Year’s Resolutions: Yes or No?

New year, Same me; Let’s End Clickbait -William Card According to StatisticsBrain, over 126 million Americans create a New Year’s resolution. Of that amount, less than three percent by year’s end have established a feeling of accomplishment. This is a startling discrepancy. Millions of resources

Peppermint: Yes or No?

WHO ROASTS CHESTNUTS ANYMORE? The world unquestionably cannot deny the ubiquity of the sweet, aromatic beauty of peppermint. From first landing in the bellies of the ancient Egyptians to the ambrosial  peppermint mocha consumed while this is written, peppermint’s place as a staple flavor sits

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Boycott Abusive Actors: Yes or No?

RUIN THEIR CAREERS The much-anticipated Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiered on Nov. 18. A few months prior to its release, The Guardian  revealed that actor Johnny Depp—who played a role in the movie—had abused his now ex-wife, actress Amber