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Blocking Politics on Social Media: Yes or No

WHY THOUGH? This election year has been intense, not just among candidates but among citizens too. Every day people are posting about Trump or Hillary on Facebook and Instagram. But lately, people have taken to blocking their friends on social media purely due to who

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Leaving Class Early: Yes Or No?

STAY THE WHOLE TIME In college, there are times when professors dismiss the class ahead of schedule for various reasons. The most common excuse tends to be that the lecture wraps up sooner than expected. And while this scenario is appropriate a select few times,

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Trick-or-treating As An Adult: Yes or No?

ADULTS CAN HAVE G-RATED FUN Kids always seem to have way more fun than adults. As soon as people turn 18, it’s almost like the universe declares them too old to do anything fun, like coloring or jumping into ball pits. The expectation of growing

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Timed Quizzes: Yes or No?

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE By the time students get to college, no matter what the situation, they will have been in school for at least 12 years, which is enough time for a student to learn a skill such as taking a timed test.

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Learn With Purpose: Yes or No?

TOO MUCH INDIVIDUALISTIC LEARNING CU Denver has gone into a recruiting frenzy in efforts of attracting the brightest students from around the nation. To get the word out about our university, CU Denver has stamped the school motto, “Learn With Purpose,” on every potential surface

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iPhone 7 Update: Yes or No

I WANT A HEADPHONE JACK Anyone who went to middle school in the early 2000s remembers the rage of Motorola Razrs and the absolute, undying need to have one. If only things had stayed so simple. Apple recently released the details of the new iPhone

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Bikers vs. Pedestrians

STAY IN YOUR LANE Green definitely means go. Red means go if no one is around. For the life of a biker, it is about looking out for yourself. The road is shared with a two-ton-plus brick of motorized madness vs. a 55-oz frame and

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Attendance: Yes or No?

SERIOUSLY GO TO CLASS Over a month into the semester, Auraria’s once full-to-bursting classrooms have been noticeably thinned out. Campus veterans know better than to assume half of their peers have simply dropped courses and left academia behind them—in the near future, many of these

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iPhones at Concerts: Yes or No?

A MEMORY IS A MEMORY A memory is a memory no matter how small. While a similar saying can be heard from Horton Hears a Who, it is not any person’s place to judge another for how they remember a momentous event. Whether the iPhone

Should Advisors Suggest Major Changes: Yes or No?

Advisors tend to know best. Sometimes students pick the wrong majors for themselves the first time around, and advisors are the professionals there to help.Deciding what to study isn’t always an easy choice to make, and it doesn’t always go smoothly when the decision is