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How important is campus involvement?

EVERY STUDENT SHOULD PARTICIPATE | Matt Kriese Before students step into the professional world, it is crucial that they first understand the importance of community. College is a unique opportunity to begin establishing this community and using it to propel forward into future professional endeavors.

Baby pics on social media: Yes or no?

THE CUTENESS SHOULD BE SHARED | Dilkush Khan Using social media platforms, users are able to share every part of their life, whether it be their lunch or their children—the latter being beneficial to both the parents and the viewers, since they’re so darn cute.

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Grade forgiveness at CU Denver: Yes or no?

IT’S ONLY FAIR | GUY SIMONS Grade forgiveness is when a student retakes a class after receiving an F, and if a better grade is received, the failing grade is removed from the student’s transcript. Implementing grade forgiveness at CU Denver would help students tremendously.

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Should retail workers have to smile?

HUMANS ARE COMPLEX | Matt Kriese People often forget that the economy is not some conglomerate, unrecognizable, giant beast that invisibly shapes our lives; on the contrary, it is run and maintained by actual human beings who experience life in much the same way as

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Wonder Woman, Feminist or No?

A STEP FORWARD | Alexander Elmore Wonder Woman was applauded by critics and audiences alike for its strong female protagonist, thoughtful storyline, and impressive action sequences when it opened worldwide this summer. However, people have recently begun to speak out against the film, calling it

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Political posts on social media: Yes or no?

IT IS IMPORTANT TO SPEAK UP | Ashley Kim Opinions on political matters maximize when an important event arises. While it is not imperative for students to post opinions or share thoughts regarding political issues on social media, it is important to speak up for

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Should safety affect travelers: Yes or No?

EXPERIENCE THE WORLD | Ashley Bauler As the world political climate heats up, with North Korea’s continued aggression and the United States picking strongly worded responses, tensions are high. For many, they feel unsafe traveling in the world right now. ISIS lone-wolf attacks could happen

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Wikipedia as a valuable research tool: yes or no?

DON’T USE IT | Matthew Kriese There is no better evidence on this Earth that all humans crave to be the foremost experts in everything better than the swamp of misdirected and oftentimes blatantly wrong information known as Wikipedia. Allowing non-experts to speak authoritatively over

Unpaid internships: yes or no?

GET PAID OR BUST // ASHLEY BAULER Every year when April rolls around prospective students have existential crises in regards to trying to find an internship. They encounter issues when they have to decide between experience and compensation, an unfair choice. It seems that the

Owning a pet in college: yes or no?

A FLUFFY STRESS RELIEVER // Ashley Kim Everyone had a childhood pet. And if they didn’t, they wanted one, and envied those who did. These domesticated creatures bring humans joy because of their contagious happy moods and their general ignorance to life and complex thought.