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Do you believe in Freedom of Speech, direct communications to students by students, and the academia of journalism? If so, vote. It’s election week here at CU Denver, and there has never been a higher urgency for lovers of this newspaper to open that online

Campus Events Are Worth the Time

LOW-ATTENDANCE EVENTS A WASTE CU Denver students don’t attend enough events on campus. Every week, a number of events, small and large, are put on by different campus student organizations, including the Student Government Association, the Office of Student Life, the Career Center, and even

Is the Degree Worth It: Yes or No?

Rolling up to the end of four long years of sleepless nights and grueling tests, it can be a scary thing to ask the question, “Was it worth it?” Luckily, the answer is yes. A college degree is not an easy nor inexpensive thing to

FROM THE EDITOR: Future Opportunity

What role does a student newspaper play on a college campus? We at the Sentry have an obvious opinion, but I wondered: How do other students on our campus regard college newspapers? So I decided to wonder aloud with students on campus, and I found

Religious Freedom Laws Not Quite Free

LGBTQ RISKS MORE DISCRIMINATION It takes hard work, dedication, and a certain amount of disregard for common decency to make something like “freedom” sound insidious. And, yet, lawmakers across the US— including Colorado—have done exactly that through proposed religious “freedom” bills. For the uninitiated: Religious

Confronting Catcallers: Yes or No?

It can be difficult for many women to feel safe walking in the streets. Precautions such as changing the way one dresses or avoiding walking in certain areas are practiced by some women, all to avoid being harassed.A misunderstanding some catcallers claim to have is


I’ve never handled poetry well. For an English major, that category of study has always been difficult for me in an embarrassing way. Aren’t all writers poets? I really wish that were the case. Sometimes I can scrape together poetic thoughts and create something legible,


I’ve always been a person to exceed expectations. Whenever I’m assigned a role, I try to fulfill it and go beyond, without making a huge fuss or production. As a student, daughter, and teammate, I’ve always been more about embracing rules and convention, rather than

Traveling Abroad: Yes or No?

Few things are as life-changing, terrifying, or teaching than living on the fringes of your comfort zone thousands of miles from your home. Traveling serves many purposes that enrich individuals’ lives, particularly study abroad programs.During college, there is a unique opportunity to travel in a

FROM THE EDITOR: Bittersweet Weeks

Bittersweet is the day that we return to school after Spring Break. Too short a time ago we were all traveling, or reading for pleasure, or maybe we were on campus busting our butts and cursing everyone else who roamed the streets freely. At the