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iPhones at Concerts: Yes or No?

A MEMORY IS A MEMORY A memory is a memory no matter how small. While a similar saying can be heard from Horton Hears a Who, it is not any person’s place to judge another for how they remember a momentous event. Whether the iPhone


The case that filled our newsfeeds throughout the summer has come to a close with the release of Brock Turner. The Stanford rapist was released after only serving three of his six-month conviction. He was released on “good behavior” from a county jail in California.

Cutthroat Academics Never Beneficial

STUDENT COMPETITION IN A NEW FORM “ Am I good enough?” “Did everybody get a better grade than me?” These are the constant phrases thrown between pre-health students at CU Denver. Although these statements may seem like empty complaints, they have become an invitation for

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FROM THE EDITOR: Savannah Nelson

FALLING INTO PLACE The first few weeks of school are always emotional. Sometimes students feel a rush of excitement as they make new friends, other times there’s a lamenting haze over classrooms as people realize that summer fun has slipped out of their fingertips, replaced

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Morgan Mackey: City Scapes

A few months ago, I decided to become selfish. This realization came to me after a much needed moment of self-care. For my whole life I have always put other people’s needs before my own, and it hit me that although I do find a

Beloved Harry Potter returns. Sort of.

CURSED CHILD BEGS QUESTION: ARE YOU SIRIUS? A new Pokemon game has been released, the Clintons are trying to re-enter in the White House, and another addition has been made to the Harry Potter series. This year appears to be a revival of the 90s,

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Student Government Association Update

Welcome back to CU Denver, Lynx! We at SGA are excited to get our 2016-2017 year started with you all—students new and returning.  As your President and Vice President of CU Denver’s SGA, we are pleased to kick off the new year by introducing our

Morgan Mackey

City Scapes   For some readers this new issue represents a hello, and for others this is a welcome back to CU Denver Sentry.  To start off, I want to thank all of our readers and student supporters who voted to keep the Sentry in

Women vs. women a dangerous affair

CELEBRITY DRAMA PERFECT FOR SEXISM      Welcome to 2016, the year where the US desperately needs to get a grip. There has been an abundance of tragedy since January, from the uprising of a dangerous demagogue to an alarming increase of terrorist attacks worldwide.

From the Editor: Savannah Nelson

FALLING INTO PLACE    Sometimes summertime ain’t so fine. Honestly, there are times that the sunny season, which we expect to be full of adventure and relaxation and rejuvenation, surprises us with responsibilities and stress and soul-sucking things. I’m finding Fall 2016 to be the