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Spring Break, I’m calling your name. Please answer, as soon as possible. It’s almost here: The weeklong academic break, that summer vacation teaser, which hits CU Denver at the end of March. For some, Spring Break offers nothing more than incentive to pick up extra

Millenials Restore Degrading Faith

THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT As an older gentleman on campus, it’s easy to slide into accepting the standard-issue stereotypes of millennials— the bulk of Auraria Campus student—as a whiny, self-absorbed lot with outsized senses of entitlement who relate better to smart phones than to

FROM THE EDITOR: Humility A Digestif

Often in life we get little lessons in humility— something big happens and it brings us right back to the little ledge where we started at before ascending whichever social ladder was within our closest grasp. My lesson in humility this month is pressure. While

Arguing Politics on Facebook: Yes or No?

Openly discussing political opinion was once considered taboo. Now, thanks to Facebook and other social media networks, such heavy-hitting subjects are as public as they are uninhibited, and activism is all the better for it.Though watching people misspell their way through a racist rant that

FROM THE EDITOR: Day for Women

Before CU Denver, I was a proud student at Fort Lewis College. Say what you want about Fort Leisure—I mean Fort Loser—I mean Snort Lewis—it was fun. And it was wholly unique in terms of settings, sitting quietly on top of a plateau overlooking the


We’re living in uncharted waters, in frightening times. Everywhere I turn, it’s becoming clear that the single-most precious ingredient for human life is slowly fading away: Compassion. On Facebook, I see political posts daily. While I commend the people in my life for evading political

Rape Legalization a Backwards Idea

ONLINE FORUM IN BAD TASTE A neo-masculinist online group known as “Return of the Kings” (ROK) has been the source of controversy and antagonism caused by their ideals, and rightfully so. The group offered suggestions for the advancement of society earlier this year, through advocating

Celebrating the Death of an Enemy: Yes or No?

Every person is a complex human being. We all have feelings, thoughts, families, friends, childhoods, beliefs, and everything else that every other person experiences. Even if someone is controversial, that does not mean their death should lack respect. They couldn’t see past their own opinions.

Social Slurs Have No Place in School

BEING ‘PC’ ISN’T THE ISSUE Social slurs do not belong in a classroom. When it comes to using a word that classifies a group of people as a negative adjective, it goes beyond hurting people’s feelings or going against political correctness. It continues to objectify

Empowerment through Sexuality: Yes or No?

The idea that women should should find empowerment in her sexuality has become so trite and flawed in current American culture that the words “female sexual empowerment” have completely lost all meaning. That kind of power isn’t all that positive. When you think of women