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Feminist Agenda // Taylor Kirby

My revulsion concerning small towns is largely sourced from the years I spent driving an hour and a half from Buena Vista, Colo. to get to the nearest movie theater. Having lived in that cultural wasteland for most of their lives, many of my friends

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Point/ Counterpoint: Slacktivism

SLACKITIVISM IS NECCESARY // Gem Sheps Although protesting is a right under the First Amendment of the US Constitution, the ability to protest is a privilege. The current political climate of the US has led to an increase in protests around the nation and the

City Scapes // Morgan Mackey

This semester I am taking three classes, working part-time for this newspaper, and doing an internship. To say that I am busy is an understatement. I have always liked to stay busy, and I thrive on having activities to do. Friday I helped a friend

From the Editor // Savannah Nelson

Working in a communication field has its perks. As a member of the press, I’ve been granted numerous opportunities—from attending enticing events to creating a portfolio of published work to giving me the tools to write effectively in AP Style, the Sentry has been kind

Award shows: tone down the politics

TAKE TIME TO CELEBRATE THE ARTS Everyone has a voice, and everyone wants to have it heard. However, there is a time and place for expressing certain feelings. Award shows, such as the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards, are a time to celebrate the

City Scapes // Morgan Mackey

In a few short weeks, I will be traveling to London for Spring Break. Last year I impulsively decided to book a trip to this historic city because I had an influx of post-break-up madness. A good friend of mine was in a similar situation

From the Editor // Savannah Nelson

My last semester of college is defined by service learning. Three of my communication classes have 10 hours each of volunteer work, where I’m expected to serve and engage with my community through experiential learning. This past weekend I walked away from my first set

Professors swearing in class: yes or no?

KEEP IT CLASSY IN THE CLASSROOM Learning is a privilege that is so often forgotten by those attending college. In such a space, it’s paramount for those present to be respectful. Namely professors with their languages. The opportunity to be in a classroom surrounded by

A helpful guide to dating in 2017

THE DATING GAME HAS CHANGED Dating is not what it used to be. The younger generations are ditching antiquated ways of courting their potential partner through the use of sending notes and landline phone calls. They are seeking love in untraditional ways, found in the

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City Scapes // Morgan Mackey

February isn’t a great month for single ladies. Between the pre-Valentine’s Day anticipation and the post-Valentine’s Day chocolate discount, it seems to be a month where everyone seems entitled to know about your love life. For those of us ladies who aren’t seeing that someone