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From the Editor: Savannah Nelson

FALLING INTO PLACE    Sometimes summertime ain’t so fine. Honestly, there are times that the sunny season, which we expect to be full of adventure and relaxation and rejuvenation, surprises us with responsibilities and stress and soul-sucking things. I’m finding Fall 2016 to be the


Best and worst go together like chocolate and peanut butter— unless you have a nut allergy. But this week’s final issue of the semester for the CU Denver Sentry is dedicated to just that. No, not a nut allergy. We’ve devoted our 16 pages to

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Scariest, Media-Fueled, Hate-Mongering Candidate

DONALD TRUMP IS STILL IN THE RACE Donald Trump is the ultimate example of pop culture in the US overtly affecting political outcomes. His success hasn’t come from having great policies or a wealth of experience in the political realm, but instead from playing on

Cheapest Administrative CU System Policy

HOURLY CAP IS CRAP Student employees at CU Denver have come across an unfortunate new administrative policy in the past year, which capped workers to 25 hours per week. For many, this unfortunate ruling cut hours as much as half, and disallowed students to fund

Most Awkward Political Slogan

FEELING THE BERN? HOPE IT’S NOT A RASH Generally, if one feels a burning sensation, chances are high that something has gone wrong and medical attention ought be high on their list of priorities. And yet, many among us continue to shamelessly and loudly claim


A year ago, if someone had told me that I’d spend the last months of my Managing Editor career campaigning, it would’ve been taken with a grain of salt. It’s hard to imagine the organization you love and are responsible for—the Sentry, for example— tip-toeing

State of the University (April 2016)

With the end of election week, we are proud to announce that next year’s SGA executives will be Alex Pong, serving as President, and Akshay Kumar, as Vice President. A huge congratulations to the senators who were elected, the Student Advisor Committee to the Auraria

Wages Gap US National Soccer Teams

WOMEN MAKE MARGINALLY LESS The United States women’s national soccer team is nearing their one-year anniversary of winning the World Cup Soccer Championship. After exhibiting immense athleticism and nationalism for the US and inspiring women around the world, a fair payment for each player would

Should Advisors Suggest Major Changes: Yes or No?

Advisors tend to know best. Sometimes students pick the wrong majors for themselves the first time around, and advisors are the professionals there to help.Deciding what to study isn’t always an easy choice to make, and it doesn’t always go smoothly when the decision is

FROM THE EDITOR: Accomplishments

Like any child of middle America, I played soccer. It’s like a rite of passage for 10-year-olds. I hated it, running all over the damn place, hot sun pouring down with the sweat that hampered my vision, and all my demonstrably thin friends barely losing