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Buying Textbooks // Yes or No?

IT ENHANCES LEARNING Textbooks have been accompanying students since their original establishment in the 18th century. Their value has stood the test of time: they make a difference.   Textbooks, like Webster’s Grammatical Institute of the English Language, were then meant to guide people into

Yoga Can’t And Won’t Cure Diabetes

The CHRONICALLY ILL CAN’T JUST CURE THEMSELVES When people complain, they rarely wish for advice in return. Complaining is cathartic; it’s not always a cry for help. So when people who have disabilities complain about their pain or limitations, they aren’t searching for solutions—especially the completely ineffective ones

CITY SCAPES // Morgan Mackey

On Saturday, I was one of 200,000 marchers in Denver and one of millions of women marchers for the Multinational Women’s March. This historic event was a cathartic experience for all women and men who were devastated over the results of the election, but it

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FROM THE EDITOR // Savannah Nelson

Until I went to college, I was the queen of bad writing habits. I thought starting a piece with a quote, inserting clichés, and asking rhetorical questions made my writing stand out among my peers. CU Denver’s English Writing program quickly snapped me out of

FROM THE EDITOR: Savannah Nelson

After a blustery, snow-filled vacation, school is back in session. Denver has welcomed me back with its usual big city comforts: expensive parking at every corner, geese feces littering the sidewalk, and stressed students rushing to their classes, wishing they could extend their couch time

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New Year’s Resolutions: Yes or No?

New year, Same me; Let’s End Clickbait -William Card According to StatisticsBrain, over 126 million Americans create a New Year’s resolution. Of that amount, less than three percent by year’s end have established a feeling of accomplishment. This is a startling discrepancy. Millions of resources

City Scapes: Morgan Mackey

It’s the beginning of the end of my time here at CU Denver. I graduate in May and I am still in awe that this is my final semester.  These past four years have been filled with laughter, tears, and endless amounts of homework. I

The World Is Going To Be Fine In 2017

2016 WAS BAD, BUT IT GETS BETTER The world rang in Jan. 1, 2017 with a shared sense of despair. 2016, most agree, was the Worst Year Ever™. New Year’s Eve was celebrated by many not as a time of new beginnings, but as the end

Letter to the Editor: How Important is Our Safety?

HOW IMPORTANT IS OUR SAFETY Our culture privileges the uninhibited right to own firearms over the lives of kindergartners, teachers, moviegoers, worshippers, the police, and people in general. This reality has taught us to prepare for—even to expect—a mass shooting. Mass shooters have been educated

From the Editor: Savannah Nelson

It’s the best time of the year: I live for Christmas. Not only does CU Denver have an outrageously long (and appreciated) winter break, the holiday is filled with extensive cheer: there are simple traditions and family time and a quiet return to my hometown.