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Unpaid internships are unethical free labor

All work should be compensated Internships are an amazing opportunity for college students. They give students a chance to better understand their field and they teach a lot about how the workplace operates. Students get to learn in a real-world environment. However, many internships are

Will new on-campus housing increase community?

It creates more free time to engage Opinion by Tommy Clift Whether it be Student Life, The Global Education Office, or the Diversity and Inclusion Office, from an organization’s perspective, student engagement is one of the hardest challenges facing a commuter campus. And why wouldn’t

The Plot Thickens

Joker As I was walking to the office yesterday, I decided that maybe I should dress up as The Joker for Halloween. I figured it was about time to revisit that outfit, as I haven’t been The Joker since 2008. I also figured there would

Should canvassers be on college campuses?

They’re not trying to harass people Opinion by Lorraine Kelly Everyone has seen a canvasser before and felt the panic. “Oh, no, someone’s going to try to talk to me and I have places to be.” It can be anxiety-inducing to have a stranger yell

The Plot Thickens

Strangers on a Train When I was getting dressed last Wednesday, I decided that I wanted to wear black jeans. I have two pairs of denim that fit that description. One I use exclusively for when it rains or snows heavily, as it’s much thicker

Picture not up to date

I redact everything I said about two weeks ago about using my hair as a restorative and healing process—that was bullshit. I’m too impatient and couldn’t handle the blonde anymore (I cringed every time I stepped into the sun because it shined so bright it brought

Stop celebrating Halloween before October

It’s a sacred event, it doesn’t need over a month Anyone who’s anyone can appreciate the mass’s love for the spookiest of seasons, even if they don’t much care for it. Halloween is simply a beloved time of year. The lights, the costumes, the pumpkins,

To stay or not to stay (in state)? That is the question.

There’s no place like home for college Opinion by Jaleesia Fobbs CollegeBoard cites that as recently as Fall 2016, 78 percent of first-time public year college students stayed in state for school. For Colorado specifically, TheCollegeSolution reports 84 percent of students who stayed in state

The Plot Thickens

Tie Tuesdays As I write this column, I’m wearing black slacks, a black dress shirt, and a Batman bowtie. If you’re wondering why that might be, it’s because this past Saturday was Batman Day and today is Tie Tuesday. Let’s backtrack a little. Tie Tuesday

The good and the bad

It was about a week ago I found myself in my usual routine to class. It was on the way that I saw a woman sat at a desk, crying. Her phone was in her hand as she nodded to the screen, wiping the tears