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From the Editor

Womb Bros.  I’ll admit that sometimes I can’t remember how old my brother and sister are. Or what grade they are in off the top of my head. Does this make me a terrible older sister? Slightly. To be fair, they are incredibly annoying, but

Grieving shouldn’t mean idolization

It’s important to recognize kobe bryant’s mistakes too On January 26, the world lost an all-star athlete. A father. A mentor. And an alleged rapist.   In 2003, basketball legend Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a 19- year old girl in a Colorado ski

Do award shows actually matter?

It’s pointless praise to those who don’t need it Opinion by Kaia Stallings There’s something sinister about the idea of the Academy Awards. Every year the art that people have put out to the masses is put up against panels, judges, and the very people

The Plot Thickens

And the Oscar goes to… I won’t lie to you, reader. Someday I hope to be introduced as Academy Award Winner Alexander Elmore. What would I have won an Oscar for, you ask. Well, my dream is that it would be for writing, but I would

From the Editor

37 facts. No sequel. 1. I stole this idea from Xander  2. Because I have no original ideas 3. So, here are random facts about yours truly 🙂 4. One, I’m absolutely terrified of the ocean 5. Not because of what’s in it, but because

Stop using the phrase “wife me up”

there’s more to a relationship than fettucine alfredo There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get married and live a happy life with a partner. However, the “pick me!” energy that the phrase “wife me up” gives off is tired and decrepit. It’s a

Are dating apps good for society?

they provide pure validation to users Opinion by Lorraine Kelly Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, FarmersOnly. In the 21st century, there’s a dating app for just about everyone. Gone are the days of meeting people at the bar: future mates are chosen based on a few photos,

The Plot Thickens

Facts #1 Here is a list of things that I know to be true:  1. I once busted my chin while riding a bike because I rode into a ditch too fast and hit the handlebars.   2. I was looking directly at someone when

From the Editor

An open love letter, To you, Phoebe Waller Bridge.  Because this is a love story, between myself and I, curated by you.  You don’t have to be alone to be lonely, but you showed me that I can reach for solace and companionship if I

Letter to the Editor

Proposition CC and the taxpayer bill of rights Opinion by Lindsey Rasmussen Colorado currently leads the nation in four-day school weeks as of this past September. Over 61% of our school districts have recently started their school year on a weekly schedule of Monday-Thursday or