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From the Editor: Savannah Nelson

It’s the best time of the year: I live for Christmas. Not only does CU Denver have an outrageously long (and appreciated) winter break, the holiday is filled with extensive cheer: there are simple traditions and family time and a quiet return to my hometown.

Peppermint: Yes or No?

WHO ROASTS CHESTNUTS ANYMORE? The world unquestionably cannot deny the ubiquity of the sweet, aromatic beauty of peppermint. From first landing in the bellies of the ancient Egyptians to the ambrosial  peppermint mocha consumed while this is written, peppermint’s place as a staple flavor sits

Teaching for the Test: Lazy and Unhelpful

FOCUS ON KNOWLEDGE College is about learning. It is about obtaining knowledge and experience to improve life personally and professionally. A class should enlighten and engage a student and better prepare them for the world ahead. Unfortunately, though, classes are too often just seen as

City Scapes: Morgan Mackey

The dumpster fire that is 2016 is almost over. With every coming new year, it is chance to forget the past and move on to the future, which could not be more true for 2017. With the loss of a gorilla, the deaths of many

City Scapes: Morgan Mackey

Never underestimate the power of a week off from school. Fall Break gave me just what I needed: an actual break. A few consecutive days where I didn’t have to rush to and from class, try to do homework, and squeeze in time for friends.

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Boycott Abusive Actors: Yes or No?

RUIN THEIR CAREERS The much-anticipated Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiered on Nov. 18. A few months prior to its release, The Guardian  revealed that actor Johnny Depp—who played a role in the movie—had abused his now ex-wife, actress Amber

Treat Student Baristas Like Humans

TIVOLI STARBUCKS CHALLENGES HUMANITY The average college student carries around five dollars in cash—barely enough to fund a much-needed cup of coffee between classes. With the rising costs of rent, food, clothes, and textbooks, some students have found a convenient job at our own Tivoli Starbucks that

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Read Receipts: Yes or No?

ANXIETY ATTACK: SEEN AT 4:45 P.M. There is nothing more mortifying than sending an important message to someone, only to be met with the ominous “Read” and no other response. It’s unnerving knowing that they’ve seen the message and haven’t responded yet. What is this

A Basic Guide To Light Rail Conduct

JUST BE COURTEOUS Most of our student population commutes to campus each day, and we all follow certain conventions when it comes to moving ourselves about. We hold the door open for the person behind us, respect traffic lights, and do our best to park

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City Scapes: Morgan Mackey

Last Wednesday I woke up to the news that I never thought would happen: Donald Trump had been elected President of the United States. I was devastated. I was preparing for the first female president and all the progress that Clinton would have brought to