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So, Your Dad Is Voting For Vermin Supreme

THINK TWICE BEFORE DISOWNING YOUR FAMILY FOR THEIR POLITICAL BELIEFS It’s been a brutal 18 months. This election has subjected all US citizens and the watching world to a sort of torture that’s shattered hope for the future of the human condition. American citizens have

The Denver Post Endorses Hilary Clinton

MEDIA TAKES A FIRM POSITION ON POLITICS At the beginning of the presidential race, several hopeful candidates wanted to see his or her name on the 2016 presidential ballot. Major media outlets covered politicians announcing their campaigns and then subsequently ending them. People watched Donald

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Blocking Politics on Social Media: Yes or No

WHY THOUGH? This election year has been intense, not just among candidates but among citizens too. Every day people are posting about Trump or Hillary on Facebook and Instagram. But lately, people have taken to blocking their friends on social media purely due to who

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City Scapes: Morgan Mackey

For the 2016 presidential election, I shimmied all the way to the polls because I am with nasty. I decided to turn in an early ballot for this election and with the swiftness of my black ink pen I bubbled in my choice for president:

Double Standards Shouldn’t Be A Standard

GENDER IN POLITICS, 2016 The 2016 election is historical for having the first female nominee and the oldest nominee, but this election seems to focus on gender and politics above all, all too often. Having a potential female president is a big step forward for

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The CU Denver Sentry Endorsement

The Sentry is a member of the Collegiate Associated Press, and our integrity, ethics, and very existence depend on both Freedom of Speech and freedom from censorship. Given this commitment, we believe we must disavow the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump: a candidate who, in

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From the Editor: Savannah Nelson

THE TIME IS NOW Perhaps more than ever before, adulthood is bringing forth a critical right of passage: sometimes what a person wants to do is the farthest thing from what they must. Sometimes it’s a frivolous inconvenience. Other times, it can be the difference

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Leaving Class Early: Yes Or No?

STAY THE WHOLE TIME In college, there are times when professors dismiss the class ahead of schedule for various reasons. The most common excuse tends to be that the lecture wraps up sooner than expected. And while this scenario is appropriate a select few times,

Fear-Based Pranks Are Scarcely Appropriate

CONSENT IS IMPORTANT TO SCARING Just when it seemed 2016 couldn’t get any more outlandish, clowns started showing up across the nation’s neighborhoods, campuses, and nightmares. Some clowns are more menacing than others. People have been caught on video clad in wigs, ruffles, and red

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From the Editor: Savannah Nelson

Six months ago, I worried for my future. I woke up every day for weeks, stressed and concerned; though I had been hired as Editor in Chief, it was uncertain if the Sentry would continue to exist. A large chunk of my identity— including my