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Stop using the phrase “Dad Bod”

Stop giving different body types nicknames. Oh, the dad bod. What comes to mind when reading these words? In American popular culture, the phrase “dad body,” or shortened to “dad bod,” refers to a body shape common in middle-aged men. Think no more six-pack and

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Put down the weights and learn to wait

Gyms aren’t essential If there was ever a time to skip leg day, a world-wide pandemic is probably the best time to do so. As the number of gyms that have decided to open their doors up to eager patrons wanting to get back to

From the Editor

A hero’s guide to college So here you are, you just graduated high school and now you’re ready to begin your four-year journey in the world that is college. At this point you’ve collected tokens and weapons and have worked hard to build up your

How to make an academic comeback

steps to take towards success When one first gets to college, one may feel confident about conquering their coursework. But what happens when one fails to meet their own expectations? And what happens if one actually fails a class? Evaluate why the downfall came about.

Dropping a class shouldn’t drop students’ confidence

withdrawing can be a sign of growth As the days draw closer to the Fall Semester, many new students have begun to plan out schedules and pathways that consist of many classes and credits while looking forward to their first semester. While support through this

The Plot Thickens

Stalling Dreams When I entered film school freshman year, I had two things on my mind that I would come out being a pro at: writing and directing. Every film major at CU Denver is required to take three writing courses, two during your first

Sexual misconduct and the 2020 election

Balancing the vote and moral quandry Political candidates with histories of sexual misconduct and sexual immorality are nothing new, whether the context is American politics or any civilization’s politics. Could psychopathy explain the propensity for these behaviors, especially with American presidents? Psychopathy correlates with testosterone,

Will things be different once self-isolation ends?

People will need time to recover from the traumatic experience by Tommy Clift History repeats itself. Yes—that may be true. Humanity seems to be locked in a recurrent cycle. Whether that cycle be in a grand sense—one of war, recession, or crisis—or in the everyday

The Plot Thickens

Hi, my name is J Two and a half years ago I attended my first pitch night. I was much more excited than nervous and I pitched a story about James Cameron claiming that the film Wonder Woman wasn’t feminist. I was lucky and soon-to-be-editor-in-chief