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The Call of Void

“Birches” Winter is often seen as an omen of death. It is used to foreshadow something dark coming, and everything that once exuded life has slowly contracted into a dying, withering, nothing. This is contradictory to what is also declared as the most wonderful time

Should students travel home for Thanksgiving?

TRAVELING IS NOT WORTH THE STRESS Opinion by Samantha Register Students shouldn’t feel obligated to go home for Thanksgiving or feel guilt-tripped by family members into making the trip. Traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday has become so inconvenient that it’s understandable for students to want

Guest column

I was recently taught, in class, the formal definition of the word “deviant.” It’s a word with connotation, but it still describes me. I obviously wasn’t, like, a criminal growing up or dressing in a fursuit or anything that people usually call deviant, but I was,

Are classic Disney films appropriate for children?

They are simply works of fiction Opinion by Amanda Blackman Classic Disney movies are meant to be a source of entertainment. These stories should be taken for what they are: works of fiction meant to create a feeling of wonder. Instead, they are interpreted as


A Feast For Kings (A Parody) This week, we are discussing sports. Sports in general. The Broncos are depressing… I think. Their season has been one for the books—a whopping standing of three wins and six losses. Their next game against the Chargers on the

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

How Denver public art is being affected by gentrification Denver is covered with murals and various pieces of that provide tourists and locals alike with great photo opportunities. They’re beautiful, colorful, and it takes obvious talent to create them. And while they make great additions

CU Denver Genders & Sexualities Alliance

Working to serve the needs of Auraria’s LGBTQ+ community The LGBTQ+ community is uniquely diverse which leads to a culture filled with a wide array of ideas, passions, interests, and needs. Those of us who organize and act within this community, have an obligation to

SGA Update

As midterms begin to come to a close and fall break looms evermore temptingly over our heads, SGA has continued to move forward with our initiatives. With a significant portion of updates coming from out Senators in recent weeks, the scope of SGA’s initiative list

Raul’s Report: Culture of Wellness

Campus well-being and YOU One thing I’ve learned about CU Denver is that we’re always moving forward and I’m excited to let you know about a new, more focused, campus-wide emphasis on wellness. Following the opening of our impressive new Lola & Rob Salazar Student

Are couples Halloween costumes good or bad?

They inhibit individuality Opinion by Amanda Blackman Halloween is the time for people to express their individuality by dressing up as their favorite character. Instead of being endearing, couples costumes cause one individual’s preferences to be amplified and the other repressed. Additionally, it reinforces the