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Take care of future you now

Future you will be happy you didn’t procrastinate Too often, people focus on instant gratification rather than worrying about the needs and wants of their future self.  A New York Times article by Tim Herrera identified that someone’s future self can be as foreign as

Raul’s Report: Shake things up & get involved

Be a part of CU Denver’s club sports When’s the last time you explored something new? Got out of the familiar? Did something you wanted to do instead of something you had to do? We all get stuck in our routines. Attend class, study, take

SGA Update

As the semester progresses, your Student Government Association representatives hope that all is going well at school and that classes are manageable so far. However, if things were always perfect, there would be no need for representatives to actively make life better for students. Because

Should schools monitor students’ social media? 

It is a breach of Privacy Opinion by Samantha Register With the increase of reported shootings in American schools, administrators are seeking out new and innovative ways of preventing gun violence. Because many high school students today are active on social media, school districts have

The Call of the Void

Antiques Roadshow Everyone who has a grandparent knows that their grandpa or grandma’s house has a particular smell. It could be fresh-baked cookies or really strong perfume or cologne that you can physically taste. For me, this smell is stale cigarettes and old Colombian coffee.

Brand loyalty does not equal personality

People are not who they wear Walking across campus, it’s nearly impossible to go a block without seeing a walking billboard. Someone wearing their new Adidas and an Under Armor shirt or maybe someone with a skated-in pair of Vans accompanying a Fjallraven backpack. Brands

Guest column

The time is finally coming; I am running out of tomorrows to procrastinate on. My application for graduation has been accepted and I have just over two and a half months left until I put on the black gown (assuming I pass my meager four

Guest column

When I was born, I was born with no nerve in my right ear, leaving me completely deaf on one side. My whole life I have walked around only hearing our world unilaterally. Sometimes it has its advantages but, more often than not, I find

The Call of the Void

On Writing Before I went to college, I made a vow to myself to stop procrastinating and always strive to get ahead. And for the most part, I’ve been pretty successful in keeping up with school and work. I have to give myself pretty strict