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From the Editor

A Sense of Nostalgia  I think with all the time we have now to recollect in this period of solitude I’ve personally been thinking a lot about my childhood memories. Since I am feeling nostalgic, and desperately looking for a means of escape, I’d figure

The Plot Thickens

Facts #2 Since I’m stuck inside with him all day, I thought why not write some facts about Isaiah? You’re welcome. Isaiah is taller than me by several inches. Tall enough to reach the top of the cabinets without a step ladder at least. I

Not everyone should have essential worker status

It defeats the purpose of a stay-at-home order Now that the epicenter of the Coronavirus is the United States, day-to-day life has changed drastically for the average American. That being said, Colorado has attempted multiple measures to flatten the curve of infection; the most drastic

From the Editor

When the Tide Pulls My fear of the ocean solidified when I felt the tug and pull of the tides drawing me further into the open water. I folded and crashed amongst the waves that yanked me and, in that moment, I was no longer

Is choosing a Pass/Not Pass grading system worth it?

Yes, there are enough stressors at the moment  Opinion by Isaiah Mancha Due to a series of unfortunate events, schools of all academics have transitioned from in-person lectures to online. As COVID-19 continues to spread, this is the safest way to keep all faculty members and students safe

Let’s panic about other crises, too!

Capitalism and climate change play a big part in the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 came seemingly out of nowhere. Once confirmed in the United States, people rushed to stock up on groceries, hand sanitizer, alcohol, cannabis, guns, and for some reason toilet paper. Considering other critical problems faced

The Plot Thickens

A New Sentry As Editor-in-Chief of The Sentry for the 2020-21 Academic Year, I’ve decided to turn The Sentry into an exclusive Christopher Nolan fan club. But, Do. Not. Worry. The Sentry will remain a weekly publication, however all the sections will be, from here

The Plot Thickens

My thoughts on the bus ride to work I often take my laptop with me to work and use it to do other work on the way to work. Here are my unadulterated thoughts while going to work today (or at least all the thoughts

PSA: Stop Having Kids

Kids Are Out, Dogs Are In  “Kids are bad. They’re evil, unnecessary little spawns of genetic selfishness. That is a science fact.” Who said this? Bill Nye. That’s right—the science guy. The days of fantasizing about little junior trekking up the front porch steps of