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Which console is best for Animal Crossing?

The GameCube is the move Opinion by Abby Wehrman The GameCube is the superior device to play Animal Crossing on, forever and always. The nostalgia of winter mornings fighting over whose turn it was to hold the silver controller, the little pitter-patter of the character’s

Guest Column

As my first year of college comes to an end, I reflect on what has brought me to this point. The journey through year one has been wild, unpredictable, often a lot of fun, and sometimes not so much. If nothing else, there is one

The Call of the Void

14e Arrondissement If you’ve ever taken the time to notice, parks are places that are inter-generational. Looking around, you can see elderly couples talking among themselves on the benches, feeding the ducks, or walking around in their cute little jumpsuits; young adults are sprawled across

Financial aid should be based on student income alone

Keep the parents out of it As college tuition costs continue to rise, more students now rely on government financial aid to fund their education. While some students do benefit from financial aid, many are let down by the program. Why? Financial aid awards are

Should students try to graduate early?

No, students will miss opportunities Opinion by Samantha Register Most of us are only in college once. Why rush through the experience? While undergraduates may want to graduate college early, often in three years instead of four, to either enter the full-time workforce sooner or

The Call of the Void

I See You You know that feeling you get where despite doing something every day, you don’t really pay attention to how natural and routine it is, until you do pay attention, then it feels…weird? Let me give you an example.  Recently at Campus Village,

People are slaves to the modern workforce

A man is only worth his weight in labor The Industrial Revolution, which occurred between the late 18th and early 19th centuries, changed the face of labor forever. Large corporations were able to use technology in place of workers that not only cut their workforces

Guest Column

My first concert was when I was 5 in Elko, Nevada. My family and I were driving by when I, utterly infatuated with the sound gracing my inexperienced ears, begged for them to stop the car so I could watch. On my dad’s shoulders, I

SGA Update

  As we pull into the final stretch of the Spring semester, the time to elect new representatives from the student body has come again! Throughout this week, students have the opportunity to attend events or polling stations to vote. Student representation on this campus

Raul’s Report: Goodbye and thank you students

Good luck and farewell CU Denver It’s with both sadness and anticipation that I share news of my new career adventure with you. As you may have heard, I’m leaving the University to become the President & CEO at Mullen High School in Denver. The