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Should children be vaccinated?

It’s too dangerous Opinion by LeShaye Hernandez Vaccinations are a personal choice, especially when it comes to vaccinating one’s own children. It is within a parent’s right to raise and care for their children in the way they decide is best. Many diseases have been

The Call of the Void

Death by Diminuendo The first song I learned by simply hearing it being played on the piano was “Fur Elise” by Beethoven. It’s probably one of my greatest accomplishments as a child (not to humble brag or anything), and my parents thought I was some

Profits not progress

Gillette’s ‘We Believe’ advertisement misses the point The P&G company Gillette, which specializes in men’s and women’s safety razors as well as other personal care products, released an advertisement titled, “We Believe” as part of their The Best A Man Can Be campaign. Instead of

I’m not a loser, neither are you

When I was first told that I was nominated for Colorado Student Leader of the Year, my first response was “Ummm, what??” I don’t do nearly as many cool things as other students I know; why would I be nominated? All the way up until

Have movie award shows become irrelevant?

They snub films and actors Opinion by Samantha Register Last year’s debate over whether the Academy Awards should include a “Popular Film” category, as though acknowledging that “popular films” are not award-worthy, highlighted a prevalent phenomenon in recent years: award shows have become increasingly irrelevant. 

The Call of the Void

Dead Men Tell No Tales Why are we so fascinated with life after death? We often see this in movies: People who die and are brought back to life are not the same people we grew together with and once loved. They are cold. Distant.

What’s in a name?

Spelling your name at Starbucks is a venti deal A few years ago, Starbucks introduced (pardon the pun) using customers’ names on their drinks in order to both personalize the experience and reduce confusion on which drink belonged to which customer. The hope was that the

Are the 90s “Vintage”?

The 90s is an era in the past Opinion by Amanda Blackman The 1990s is an indisputably vintage era. Just because the 90s feel recent to many, there is such a degree of separation from then to now that, both by emotion and by definition,

The Call of the Void

The Greatest Show on Earth The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the biggest tech shows in the world where thousands of companies and consumers alike go to view the latest technological feats that have the potential to change the way we as humans

The Nuggets are the new top dog

Denver should support their best team The city of Denver has always been a Broncos town; they support that team through thick and thin and let everyone know about it. The past two seasons, however, have been less than ideal for the Denver Broncos. Quietly,