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SGA Update

As the semester begins, the Student Government Association (SGA) of CU Denver would like to formally welcome all students to campus for the fall semester. Over the course of the summer, SGA has been working hard to ensure that students are represented and their experience

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Raul’s Report: Who are you?

MAKING CHOICES AND OWNING UP TO THEM You may have figured out by now that I tend to be a little sentimental, and this time of year always brings out that side of me. Hands down, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is such a

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Wellness Zone: Environmental wellness

HOW TO BE SUSTAINABLE THIS SEASON Winter weather is about to settle in. What does that mean for sustainability efforts on the Auraria Campus and how can you contribute to our collective environmental wellness? While the cold conditions may make things like biking to campus and

Raul’s Report: You’re Not Alone

CAMPUS RESOURCES AVAILABLE I ran into a student on campus the other day. They were starting to feel pressure about graduation. They were unsure of their professional future and were having a hard time figuring it all out. They didn’t know who to lean on

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Raul’s Report: Find your “Why”

Whether you’re a first-year student or a continuing student, you’ve probably noticed there are a couple of things you can’t get away from here at CU Denver advice and opinions. Everybody’s go ’em including me, and we’re always willing to share. THAT RAUL GUY Thanks

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The Wellness Zone: Five Tips for Fitting in Fitness

ADVICE FROM THE WELLNESS CENTER We all know the importance regular physical activity in our routine and the positive impact it can have; however, even through though the advantages are clear, most of us still struggle to make it a priority. The most common excuse

SGA Monthly Update: Meet the New Executives

ON THE HORIZON FOR SGA What is CU Denver Student Government Association, you ask? As an organization, we are the collective voice of the CU Denver student body. Much like the federal government, SGA is made up of three branches: the Executive Branch, the Legislative

Letter to the Editor // The People vs. Donald Trump

CU DENVER STUDENT FIGHTS THE MUSLIM BAN President Donald Trump’s extraordinary attack on US District Judge James Robart as a “so-called judge” because he temporarily rendered Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban unenforceable nationwide is an affront to the judiciary and dangerous to democracy. The US Constitution

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Student Government Association Update

Welcome back to CU Denver, Lynx! We at SGA are excited to get our 2016-2017 year started with you all—students new and returning.  As your President and Vice President of CU Denver’s SGA, we are pleased to kick off the new year by introducing our

State of the University (April 2016)

With the end of election week, we are proud to announce that next year’s SGA executives will be Alex Pong, serving as President, and Akshay Kumar, as Vice President. A huge congratulations to the senators who were elected, the Student Advisor Committee to the Auraria