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Raul’s Report: Don’t come to school!

Keep your sickness at home and get well I thought that headline might grab your attention. The request here is that you don’t come to school if you’re sick. Stay home. Get well. Keep your germs to yourself and don’t infect others. Experts are calling this

Wellness Zone: Curing the post-holiday spending blues

How to attain financial wellness this year By Lesa Briggs, MS Are you still suffering from your holiday shopping spree? The calendar says late February, but many of us are still paying for the extra spending we did over the holidays. If you’re one who

Raul’s Report: Never lose infinite hope

How Dr. King’s words live on and inspire us By Dr. Raul Cardenas Celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this week, I’m reminded of the many impactful speeches he gave and the legacy of those words decades later. While I can’t quote

Wellness Zone: New center, new name, big gift

Local business owners gift $10 million By Amber Long, Executive Director, CU Denver Wellness & Recreation Services This new spring semester marks the final push to the opening of our new Student Wellness Center, and I can’t wait! After the university received a generous gift

Letter to the Editor: “The True Minority”

Conservative discrimination on campus by Wayne Lela Some anti-Trump professors at CU Denver want teachers to use their classrooms to spread anti-Trump propaganda (or as they spin it, they want to help students “contest increased social inequality and exclusionary discourse toward immigrants that is now

The Wellness Zone: Reducing Stress

COUNSELING CENTER DIRECTOR SHARES TIPS Ah yes! It’s fall. Shimmering gold aspen, a little snow, and cool mountain air will swathe the soul. Wait, what? It’s October already? The first half of the semester is finished? Season of increasing stress October is a beautiful time