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Raul’s Report: Goodbye and thank you students

Good luck and farewell CU Denver It’s with both sadness and anticipation that I share news of my new career adventure with you. As you may have heard, I’m leaving the University to become the President & CEO at Mullen High School in Denver. The

Raul’s Report: Another survey? Oh, yes!

Make a difference and participate Actually, it’s even better than that. Right now, the University’s not just participating in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), it’s also participating in the National College Health Assessment (NCHA). Each is requesting responses from a certain segment of

An inside look at student fees

How your voice can be heard by Sebastien Chiu, Vice Chair of the Student Fee Review Committee Did you know there is a student-run committee that works as a system of checks and balances for the student fees you pay? You’d be surprised how many

Raul’s Report: Stay Well

Take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health If you haven’t heard the news, I want you to know that flu season isn’t over yet. And, it’s not too late to get a flu shot to try and avoid getting sick. I checked with

CU Denver Genders & Sexualities Alliance

Working to serve the needs of Auraria’s LGBTQ+ community The LGBTQ+ community is uniquely diverse which leads to a culture filled with a wide array of ideas, passions, interests, and needs. Those of us who organize and act within this community, have an obligation to

Raul’s Report: Culture of Wellness

Campus well-being and YOU One thing I’ve learned about CU Denver is that we’re always moving forward and I’m excited to let you know about a new, more focused, campus-wide emphasis on wellness. Following the opening of our impressive new Lola & Rob Salazar Student

Raul’s Report: Shake things up & get involved

Be a part of CU Denver’s club sports When’s the last time you explored something new? Got out of the familiar? Did something you wanted to do instead of something you had to do? We all get stuck in our routines. Attend class, study, take

Raul’s Report: Be well

Advice for students at CU Denver I don’t know about you, but the first few weeks of school are always a whirlwind for me. Incoming students, returning students, the Block Party—my head’s still spinning. Quick introduction for those of you who haven’t met me yet: My