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FROM THE EDITOR: Savannah Nelson

STEADY BLOOM College is the place where students figure out their passions, decide their future careers, and take the steps for long-term success. We learn academic terms like “intersectionality” or “media conglomeration” and slowly start to integrate our lectures into our everyday discussions—what we learn

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FROM THE EDITOR: Savannah Nelson

LIGHT UP THE DARK In a world that holds so much beauty and love and happiness, it’s often a surprise that for some, it can be impossible to see anything but darkness. Because so many people are burdened with anxiety and depression, Suicide Awareness Week

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FROM THE EDITOR: Savannah Nelson

FALLING INTO PLACE The first few weeks of school are always emotional. Sometimes students feel a rush of excitement as they make new friends, other times there’s a lamenting haze over classrooms as people realize that summer fun has slipped out of their fingertips, replaced

From the Editor: Savannah Nelson

FALLING INTO PLACE    Sometimes summertime ain’t so fine. Honestly, there are times that the sunny season, which we expect to be full of adventure and relaxation and rejuvenation, surprises us with responsibilities and stress and soul-sucking things. I’m finding Fall 2016 to be the


Best and worst go together like chocolate and peanut butter— unless you have a nut allergy. But this week’s final issue of the semester for the CU Denver Sentry is dedicated to just that. No, not a nut allergy. We’ve devoted our 16 pages to

FROM THE EDITOR: Accomplishments

Like any child of middle America, I played soccer. It’s like a rite of passage for 10-year-olds. I hated it, running all over the damn place, hot sun pouring down with the sweat that hampered my vision, and all my demonstrably thin friends barely losing


When I joined the student newspaper two and a half years ago, my first inclination was not to take it too seriously. Of course, that was how I felt about all aspects of my personal life, and considered this position no differently. In the midst

FROM THE EDITOR: Future Opportunity

What role does a student newspaper play on a college campus? We at the Sentry have an obvious opinion, but I wondered: How do other students on our campus regard college newspapers? So I decided to wonder aloud with students on campus, and I found

FROM THE EDITOR: Bittersweet Weeks

Bittersweet is the day that we return to school after Spring Break. Too short a time ago we were all traveling, or reading for pleasure, or maybe we were on campus busting our butts and cursing everyone else who roamed the streets freely. At the

FROM THE EDITOR: Humility A Digestif

Often in life we get little lessons in humility— something big happens and it brings us right back to the little ledge where we started at before ascending whichever social ladder was within our closest grasp. My lesson in humility this month is pressure. While